Top Firefox Addons That You Probably Use

Firefox Addons

Top Firefox Addons That You Probably Use

Discover the most popular and useful Firefox addons that are widely used by millions of users. Enhance your browsing experience with these top-rated addons for security, productivity, and customization.

So firefox holds 20% of the browser market share (at least it did the last time I checked). And what makes firefox a browser of choice of tech-savvy users and people who are sick of IE? Extensions. SO my choices are:


Adblock Plus -Blocks ads. duh.

Adblock Filterset.G Updater – It updates the ad filters of Adblock Plus every few days. You know, new banner networks etc. pop up every day, block’em all.

Flash Block – well, It blocks flash. On old comps it can be pretty tough with sites bloated with heavy flash. Or on old comps with *nix OS’s. (damn you, Adobe, give us a good flash plugin). And it doesn’t block it completely, it just adds a button on top of blocked flash, when u press it – flash plays.

Bug Me Not – An incredible time saver. Hate to register at some unknown site? Just use bug me not, it will automatically fetch a login and password from it’s user driven database and login for ya. You most likely won’t be able to login with it’s help on paid membership sites though.

NoScript – for your security if you’re using Windows.

Social Media

Social Browse –  a plugin for… emm, it’s a whole social network in a single plugin. My socialbrowse review. Kind of. ReadWriteWeb got a good review of this useful utility.

StumbleUpon Toolbar – StumbleUpon discovers web sites based on your interests, learns what you like and brings you more. You don’t actually have to install the toolbar to use Stumble Upon, but I still choose the toolbar, I don’t like some script toolbars hanging on top of sites.

Shareaholic – A must have for any Social Media Maven. It let’s you submit a page to all of the popular social media sites like digg, mixx, twitter and so on.

Delicious Bookmarks – syncs your firefox bookmarks with your bookmarks. ’nuff said. Must have,


Tiny Menu – your main menu takes up too much space? Here’s the solution.

Faviconize Tab – personal favorite. It let’s you shrink tabs so that only their favicons are visible. sweet.


Download StatusBar – Iit’s sweet, changes the default FF download manager.

DownThem All and FlashGot should also be considered a Ninja combo for downloads.


Firebug – words are not enough to descibe this power. Goddamn, gimme firebug and a notepad an I can make you a website in no time.

Developer Toolbar – a set of development tools in an easy to use toolbar.

SEOquake – the only SEO plugin I use. Shows the PR, backlinks, Index, Keyword Density etc. Very nice.


Greasemonkey – the king of the parade, lets you use scripts to enhance the browsing experience.

Better Youtube, Greader, GMail – all make these services.. ehmm, better. Trust me,  just install them.

Greasefire – let’s you search for greasemonkey scripts. There are literally thousands of ‘em.


FireGestures – adds mouse gestures to your browser. Very customizable and extremely handy.
Gmail manager – notifies you when you’ve got new mail, multiple account management etc.

Ubiquity – Revolutionary add on. still in alpha though. Just visit the link and watch the video. It’s the future.

Read It Later – Ever stumbled upon a very interesting article, but didn’t have the time to read it and the site wasn’t worth subscribing to? This add on is the ultimate solution to this problem 😉

And here’s some pure link baiting almost useless list of  100 Firefox Extensions.

And here’s a pretty decent list of good FF add ons

And if you use social media a lot, i Totally recommend you to install the Flock Browser. It’s based on the same gecko engine as firefox and all of firefox’s addons work for flock. Try it.

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