How to maximize profits from Google Adsense

How to maximize profits from Google Adsense

How to maximize profits from Google Adsense

How to make money from your website or blog, setting up and monetizing your place in the web How to drive traffic to your site.

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Hello there. Time for a little overview on the pay-per-click contextual advertising program that Google offers. First of all, I’ll try to explain how the system works. Google is the biggest player in the game of context ads. They have Adwords program. Advertisers build their campaigns, choose keywords and their ads appear in search results like this

The search result listed first, with yellow background is the sponsored adwords link. This method of advertising has proven itself very sufficient and effective and it has made Google $rich$. And it also can share it’s wealth with you if you use Adsense right

Getting Started

Sign up or login with your existing account ( if you’re using 1 of numerous Google products like Gmail, Picasa, Google Docs you must already have an account.)

Ok, so you login and see the “reports” window. The income is 0$ yet, just go to the “Adsense setup” tab.

3 types of ads:

  • Adsense for content. It’s basically an ad block, the ads are based on the content of your site. So if It’s about, say, Elephants the ads will be about elephants. The most widely used and pretty profitable type.
  • Adsense for search. A great thing to have. It’s a Google search on your website. It’s very good, and guess what, you get money for using it. The context ads appear in search results and if someone clicks on them – you get profit.
  • Referrals. Another awesome thing to have. You promote a product or a site with referral links and you get a % of sales or a stable sum of cash if someone registers on your referral’s website.

Customize your ads.

There is a thing called Banner Blindness. Users that surf the i-net don’t want to see ads, they want to see content. And pitiful color picking ( like pink text on green background) for your “Adsense for content” can trigger off this blindness, the information will not be digested the interest will be gone and so will your ppc money. Color picking is as essential as positioning. Of course, you can mask the ads as content, but that’s against the rules and it very often irritates people and they’ll just leave your site.


Let’s not forget that different types of sites require different ad positioning. But the simple truth is Ads must not annoy people and most importantly, they must be really close to the content. For a blogger put the ads near the “related topics” , near the title of the article.

I like to think of ad placing in a little more psychological way. The key is attention. A simple example – an interesting article, about, say, elections in the States.

User see’s the page, he finds a thing to focus on. Most likely it will be the heading title of the article.Yeah, Putting context ads there, when the user is not focused on reading is a great Idea. Then he reads through it, if he finds the article boring and not interesting he will lose his focus and will be looking for something to click Ads at the sides of the article do a good job in this situation.

And if our user has finished reading the article and loved it, he will be looking for “related articles” at the bottom. Put some ads there too. The psychology is simple – think when you click the ads yourself and place them in a similar way


Use channels for ads. A channel is to put it simply – individual stats for every ad Create them and see which advertisements have the best results.

Here’s a complimentary video from the Adsense team:

You should visit the Inside Adsense Blog

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