How to make money online by Freelance

How to make money online by Freelance

How to make money online by Freelance

Freelancing offers a flexible and potentially lucrative way to earn money online. By offering your skills and services to clients, you can work from anywhere and choose the projects that interest you. Whether you’re a writer, designer, programmer, or marketer, there’s a demand for your skills in the freelance market. To start, create a portfolio showcasing your work, sign up for freelancing platforms, and network with potential clients. Remember to set competitive rates, deliver quality work, and communicate effectively with clients to build a strong reputation and establish a steady stream of income as a freelancer.

Hello there, money seekers. I’m gonna go straight to the point. Money making online is divided in two so called categories.

  • You don’t have a website or a blog of your own.
  • You do happen to have a website or a blog.

As simple as that. So, Let’s review the “omg, I don’t have a website, how do I make money online?” category.


What is freelance? Basically it’s simply a remote job. Not everyone can be a freelancer (damn, this word sounds so cool), you’ve got to be good at something to achieve success in this area. Maybe you were born with an incredible designer talent? Or perhaps you know a foreign language well enough to be a translator? Or you’re a natural born writer? Anything will do in freelance: banner, logo, flash, website design, programming, translation, writing and rewriting, basically, any job that can be done with the help of the computer .

Some short tips on freelancing:

Graphic design

You can make pretty good cash, webmasters pay 50-100$ for a banner or a simple logo. Not to mention the price of the complete website design. So if you love designing stuff – go for it. Most designer use photoshop, but hey, it’s really pricy. The best free alternative is GIMP


I advise absolutely everyone who is willing to make money online to learn the HTML basics. Here is an online tutorial

It is vital to know html these days, and it’ll help you greatly when you decide to make your own blog.

Back to the topic: What is freelance coding about? Well, if you’re into programming – go for it.

Writing, Translation

In the old days “writing” referred to books and newspaper articles. It’s different now in this web 2.0 world. Everyone needs unique content for their resources. You can write, rewrite, translate articles about whatever you like and sell them. Freelance in WIKI

A small list of freelancer resources that you might find handy:


The benefits of freelance working:

  • Freedom 😀 Yes, you don’t have a boss annoying you all the time, you choose who you work with.
  • Flexible working hours. Yeah, you can work whenever you want, day or night – all the same… Got to finish projects before deadlines though.

The drawbacks:

  • The major drawback is the uncertainty of work — and thus income — and lack of company benefits such as a pension, health insurance, paid holidays and bonuses.
  • Another problem is… There is some risk of not receiving your well deserved money.

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