How to Get More Visitors For your Site

How to Get More Visitors For your Site

Hey, so you’ve got a great site with loads of sweet services/goods/information. However, what’s the point of all the great stuff you’ve got to offer without visitors? Driving targeted traffic to your site is essential. There are several ways to increase traffic:

  • Advertisement campaign
  • Search engine optimization (SEO in short)
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Marketing and Promotion

You can either buy ad places on sites with similar thematics or you can build your contextual ad campaign.

Buying ad places. Good old fashioned way of advertising your stuff. Get a freelancer to draw you a cool banner and place it for a reasonable price at the desired site.

If you place your ads on a good trusted site, visitors will be interested and will probably click on the ad and will come to your site. However, you pay for the time your ads are placed on the site and there is no way you can control the incoming traffic. Example: You sell used cars on the net. You place an ad at a very large car forum. And what do you get?

Some buyers and just curious people that don’t buy nothing. They just clicked on your ad from curiosity and wanted to check out if you’re giving away free T-shirts. Lack of control and flexibility is a great downside of static ad places.

Targeted traffic is important as hell if you’re selling stuff. If not, If you’re an “Adsense addict” and just want your users to click the ads and go away.. well, any traffic will do ^^ But that’s not a right way to success. Anyways, I got carried away, The next ad method is:

Contextual ads. I recommend Google Adwords. It’s insanely flexible and effective. You control everything! The keywords that will trigger your ads to show, the time when your ads will be seen and very important for quite a bit of e-commerce sites – geography of visitors that will see the ad. Yeah, why the hell would you need visitors from Switzerland if you’re selling arms at the States? Picking the right keywords is the main thing in successful Context ad campaign and


He he, my favorite. Search Engine Optimization might sound very weird at first. Like, why should i “optimize” my website if it’s got lots of great content etc. The thing is, unique quality content is definitely priceless (or not, there are places where you can actually buy unique content, more on that later), but without SEO the results won’t be the best.

Ok, so what is SEO? You see, if you see a site with nice formating and images, the search engine robot sees this:

Optimizing your site for search engines is very important in this doggy-dog internet. More in depth review of SEO coming soon.


Social Media Optimization. Yeah, a real good way to promote your beloved site. Ever heard of the “Digg Effect”?

he he, This web 2.0 boom is really something. The quantity of social networks is insanely huge and every one wants to offer you something different and unique. You really must have accounts at least at one of these social networks: Myspace, Youtube, Digg, Livejournal, Facebook, Stumbleupon, Twitter,, etc. Promoting your site at these services can grant you a huge flow of visitors. Getting on the front page of Digg gives you 60 000 (!) unique visitors at least. Every social network has it’s own ways of getting the maximum out of it. Stay tuned for more details on SMO. A thing very similar to this is

Marketing and promotion

Oh this one is some great stuff. Some killer virus marketing can make your site legendary. like The million dollar homepage. A British student came up with a ingenious idea. He created a site that is basically composed of advertisements! 1 pixel= 1 dollar, 1 million pixels overall = 1 million bucksters. And what do you know, he became a superstar on the web and sold all of the ad space like in a few months. I’ll add some reviews on marketing books later on.

Anyways, Dear friends, traffic is hard to get and if you get it right – all of your hard work will be rewarded. Peace.

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