12 Tips to Became A Better Smartphone Photographer

Smartphone Photographer
Smartphone Photographer

12 Tips to Became A Better Smartphone Photographer


Wondering how can I get the most of your smartphone camera? There are more than a mobile photographic filters you look better than they really are?

IPhone is a multimedia journalist and photographer Richard Koci Hernandez Facebook recently for a chat about how a smartphone can be a good photographer joined CNN iReport community.

“People incredible opportunity that will be provided to mobile photography photographers do not know,” Hernandez said. “This is a golden age.”

Hernandez offered these tips:

1. It’s all about the light.

“Right light photography – early morning or late evening – a spectacular one of the most ‘boring’ situation for potential!”

2. Never use the mobile zoom.

“It is outrageous and an image is the first step to failure. Near you if your feet with, Zoom! Off and you get the image you want to get better,” he said.

3. Lock your exposure and focus.

100% will improve your photos, Hernandez said. “Default camera application, you and your screen where you want to set the exposure and focus to keep the tap., You can box once” blinks, “it is. Lock’s also like ProCamera You can also use other separately and set the exposure and focus lock.

4. Silence your inner critic.

“If every time your inner voice says, shooting one day you can see the ‘I want to take a picture.’”

5. Edit, edit edit.

This will restrain myself from everything. Only the best, and your posts will increase. “We do not need to see your ugly children, all 10,000,” he said. “I can and I try to select at least ugly., It is very hard to choose and personal.”

6. Technical proficiency is overrated.

Exercise your powers of observation. Learn to see and to look deeply. ”

7. Filters don’t replace a good eye.

“You still need the basics. Moment and the light and found the following issues. If you are, that’s OK [such as Instagram or Hipstamatic app with] a Sepia, black and white or nostalgic or other creative filters that can be added later, but keep in mind that a pig lipstick on, it’s still a pig. “and it is for journalism, he added,” it needs to be unclean to you. ”

8. Shoot from the hip for better candids.

“Waist – Hold level of the phone and tap away., Your friends and family will not know what you’re doing. Obscure about it. Moment they know that you’re shooting, the image become less straightforward., You’ll find more than a bad shot, but when you a good one to get, you’ll want to spend this wall! ”

9. Give yourself assignments and deadlines.

Take a different point of view from the one on 20 images. Individually, you see the world, will start, even if it’s walking around the bowl of fruit on your kitchen table and watching how the light from a different perspective.

10. You have to know what you want to see before you can see it.

“Photograph of you and I want to find a list of them! But if you know my work, then you know what the No. 1 on the list of men in fedoras!, Or for that matter a hat!”

11. Study other photographers.

“I have an unhealthy amount of time spent looking at the image., It is the only way to get my humble opinion. Decarava Roy is my favorite, so we’re happy to discover Viviam Maier, and on Instagram, a dude named Daniel Arnold out of games is it exactly York turn! ”

12. Always be ready.

“Are you sure that when your mind and heart of the ‘shoot’ you have no excuse, like, Oh, my camera and my purse, pocket, or, gasp was you, was your camera. Around it was not the main reason I Mobile photography love – my camera is always with me “.

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