11 Tips to Sell Your Blog or Website on Flippa

Tips to Sell Your Blog or Website on Flippa
Tips to Sell Your Blog or Website on Flippa

11 Tips to Sell Your Blog or Website on Flippa


If you are planning to buy or sell a website, you may have already heard about Flippa. The largest website for the online market. Most people who are listed for sale on a website, and the pea-nut are for sale, or selling to all.

01. Making money with your website: This is the most significant factor. If you want to successfully sell a website, this money must be created. If your site has a huge traffic, monetizing the traffic that it will be a bad decision. If you are able to sell it, it may be, but you will get paid until the actual value of the site will be down.

If your website is currently selling for about $ 50 or less per month to forget. To increase your income, your traffic, at least 300 dollars per month to try to improve, and then the income will be stable. For example, if 300 million, Google AdSense, the site is coming from, you can sell for as much as $ 8,000. Obviously, you will be able to sell before your revenues, you may be better. $ 300 is just a ball park figure.

02. Make Sure You Have Google Analytics Data: Before making a public offer for the heaviest buyers should ask to see your Google Analytics data. They check your traffic levels and patterns are consistent with the revenues of your claim.

Again, people will want to see the data back to at least six months. If you are planning to sell your website, therefore, is based on at least six months before the sale of Google Analytics will be installed.

03. Trust Rating to your work: Each member has a trust Rating up Flippa, and most buyers will check it before setting up their bids.In other words, the higher your heart Rating, the high sales potential of your website.

04. The length of the auction is set for 7 days: I think this is an auction for seven days on the optimal length of Flippa. With the length of time that you are sure that you will see most of the buyers market, you still have to create a sense of urgency on the one who will be interested.

Auction set for 30 days in length, and auction off their dead as a result. Many interested buyers to call because there is plenty of time to be frugal, yet others see the auction once and then forgotten completely about the same reason.

05. Reserve low / high minimum bid set: If you have less than the minimum price set by the auction will be displayed the following message: “open the bidding and the reserve has been met!” Bright green color. This is a big inspiration for potential buyers, and it incentive them to bid.

What is the site for less than it cost to sell, do not worry about it. You can always set a high minimum bid. The low bid to protect you from this strategy will also filter out non-serious buyers.

06. Bin rating a reasonable price: “It is not?” Because there is value. It is the buyer who is interested in your website to avoid a bidding war to pay for a website, do you think the price should be allowed to buy it.

The problem is that most sellers have unrealistic about the value of their websites, and so they set the price of good bin. This is a potential customer to take off, because it is a signal you have no idea about you are doing.

07. Do not Hype Your Description: You have to be described further here, and I think more people will be desperate to sell you that your website is not a difficult one. For example, you should avoid comments include: “huge potential”, “opportunity of a lifetime!”, “My loss is your gain”.

Second, you can not go on stage hypotheses. Some people have a list of websites that are currently $ 10 per month to create, and they go on saying: “This website is easy to $ 4,000 per month, is likely to be there.” If you knew for sure that you will not be sold as a site for a low price….

08. Answer to each comment: Even if you enter a crystal clear description of the people is still a question, comment sections, they are, and will ask them. It is significant to answer every single comment, as this is only the commenters do not claim to be encouraged, but it is the overall reliability will improve your auctions.

Second, if you do so in a very good reason not to delete any comments. Comments on the red flag has been removed Flippa, because vendors often try to hide from anything on their website.

09. Have A Plausible Reason for Selling: The first thing people ask you why you are sold a. There is no reasonable cause, they rightly assume that the website is going down the hill, and that you will want to open before worthless.

10. Invited Qualified Buyers: If you want your auction to get more bids, you can invite qualified buyers directly. Marketplace on which to yours are looking to browse through all of the first.

One, browse through and find the comments, and questions about the auction for a high trust rating that has been asked to try. These qualified buyers, and you are invited send a message to your own auctions, you can see.

11.Keep your auction homepage: When creating your list, the most significant upgrade you can get a “front page featured listings” one. It will take $ 29, but it is looking at a lot of your auction, because most buyers will browse Flippa front page first.

You can purchase an upgrade, but this is the second time, once you can come to auction in the second page. This is a good idea if the first two or three days after the bids are not qualified to be anything.

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