10 Ways to Find a Domain Name for Any Site

10 Ways to Find a Domain Name for Any Site

10 Ways to Find a Domain Name for Any Site

Dozens or even hundreds of domain search sites available, you can easily explore them all, you can waste hours.Instead of casting a wide net, not a targeted search based on your project.

A list or create AdSense site? Use keywords in a domain-based site.To create a new business or blog? A memorable, brandable domain search.Below are the best domain search site for any purpose.

For SEO and Niche Sites: Keyword-Rich Domains

Most domain experts search the site keyword rich domain. Why? They’re in high demand and easy to serve potential customers.Lean Domain Search is a fast way to find available domain names containing your target keywords.

A bust of possible keywords combine your name and you will show the available permutations.

Panabee really basic but it is an option keyword combinations, spelling variations, and “go” or with a short list of general keywords with modifiers to display “it.”

The potentially high-quality, aftermarket site Sedo try. The price is high, but the domain name should be desirable.

For New Companies/Projects: Brandable Domains

Brandable domain names for SEO. The search engine is not working, remember.To be brandable, a domain name and business brief, unique, and memorable to be.

Domain ten characters, easily pronounceable (especially English-speaking) may be less than, and should be spelled how it sounds.

Real meaning of the word, but it works with the other to create a new brand identity can be difficult. Think Apple or Amazon. They’re probably already taken or too expensive.

Wordoid a pronounceable word, like domain that is available, but a great source.

How do you natural domain, which is the language of words, how many characters (max), and a word or letter combo can select the domain you want to include.If you can not find Wordoid want, Domainr try.

Domainr been and will be a very short domain, but you need a clever del.icio.us. You will be stuck with the combo like subdomain and extensionGive it a try, but Domainr Short URL for an existing site to search for an ideal.

For Quick Set Up: Domains with an Identity

If you want to hit the ground running, you have brandable domain with a logo and color scheme, you can buy a package.Stylate and BrandBucket as a ready-to-wear brand logo on both package with resell domain.

Sort by category, both the site domain, so you can browse for the appropriate possibilities. Name and logo seem to be fairly equal quality. The biggest difference is the price.

Each Stylate domain and logo package is $ 250. BrandBucket’s packages start at $ 595, but most of them have more than one thousand dollars. There are, however, offers a large selection of the latter.

For Any Purpose: Domains Without Effort

NameStation like the ones above you can find additional tools. However, their biggest differentiator, their domain name contest.

For just $ 35, you’ll find available domain 100-300 offers a project-based description. Once it is started, you can vote for more of the direction of the contest entrants.

When you think tapped, or just need a starting point, the masses on your project and you have to work for it.

However, your project, you have only one or two sites with the domain should be able to brainstorm. What is your favorite domain search engines!

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