10 Trust Building Graphics That Can Increase Conversion Rates

Trust Building Sites
Trust Building Sites

10 Trust Building Graphics That Can Increase Conversion Rates


When selling anything online the goal is to increase conversion rates, because a better conversion rate means a greater return on your investment. In the world of e-commerce many studies have been done on elements you can add to increase conversions easily. One thing you can do is place trust building graphics on your site.

Consumers recognize these graphics and it often inspires trust which can work wonders for your site. Below we will cover some of the most popular websites people partner with to improve conversions.

Increase Conversion Rates With These Great Sites

Conversion rate bonuses will vary greatly from site to site, but many of these sites claim customers have seen increase of 5-30% and even more! I would recommend testing any of the graphics you use to try and get an idea of how effective they are so you can choose to continue using them or not. It will also be hard to test if you do no get much traffic. A relatively large and steady amount of traffic is needed to test properly and quickly.

Where Should I Place These graphics?

In general these graphics should be placed in areas with high visibility. Many people put the McAfee secure logo at the top of their site along with the Better Business Bureau Logo. Secure payment, PayPal verified and other order related graphics are often put near buy now buttons or at the footer of a site. The bottom line is you want these graphics to be seen because they inspire trust!

Top 10 Trust Building Sites

1. McAfee Secure


Daily network perimeter and web application scanning to help ensure your site is protected against threats. They also have a PCI certification service and you get to display the “McAfee Secure” logo on your site which establishes consumers trust. This is a must have for any large business. Visit McAfee

2. VeriSign Secured


VeriSign is another big player in the e-commerce industry and provides Security (SSL Certificates). Having one will allow you to display the well known VeriSign Secured Seal. Visit VeriSign

3. BBB (Better Business Bureau) Seal


The Better Business Bureau is a well known entity when it comes to consumer trust. Displaying this logo tells customers you are determined to resolve any complaints and meet BBB quality standards. Getting a seal can take a while, but its worth it if you are serious about your business. Visit the BBB

4. BizRate


BizRate is known for its store ratings and lets customers post honest reviews about your business. Hopefully you will have lots of happy customers and a good rating! Visit BizRate

5. Secure Checkout


Having a secure checkout symbol can work wonders for an e-commerce site. Many sites create custom secure checkout graphics that display a symbol such as a lock and the words “Secure Checkout” in addition to showing what payment methods are accepted.

6. PayPal Verified


If you are using PayPal to accept payment and your account is verified you should consider showing a PayPal verified logo. Visit PayPal

7. eBay PowerSeller


The eBay PowerSeller program is for stores that produce a high volume of sales and meet eBay quality standards such as a very high customer satisfaction rating. Visit eBay

8. TrustWave


TrustWave is another popaulr PCI certification and SSL certificate selling company htat also has their own well-known seal. Visit TrustWave



TRUSTe is all about privacy and has a variety of programs available so you and your customers both know you have a proper privacy policy and you get a nice seal! Visit TRUSTe

10. Trust Guard


Trust Guard is similar to McAfee in that they offer security scanning and such for your website, but they are cheaper by a lot. They also have various other programs and seals. Visit Trust Guard

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