10 Effective Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome Extensions

10 Effective Google Chrome Extensions


Google Chrome-This is a great browser. This simple but user-friendly interface of the browser. The advantage of using Google Chrome, which we routinely use all of Google’s services are integrated. Google Chrome is an extension of his best collection are available for users to half with a Web experience.

10 Best Google Chrome Extensions we want to share. We hope you use this extension will be benefited. So Google Chrome Extensions from friends who have a look.

01. Awesome Screenshot:

This is Google Chrome’s extension. Using this extension you can capture a Web page of the screen. You can take the whole page. Besides, you do not have a Web page is part of the touch screen can do. Moreover, you are awesome screenshots for this extension on the Net; you can share your photos easily.

02. Google Dictionary:

Google dictionary is very user-friendly extension. The sentence means that you need to select the word. Click on the icon on the Google dictionary. Synonyms of the word you want. Moreover, it provides a little detail on the basis that the word means.

03. Download Master:

Download Master is an extension of that kind. If you download multiple files from a page, you can easily use the download master. You can click on the icon to download the master. This link will be displayed continuously. Here you can download this file, you can click on that link.

04. Add This:

This is truly a great Apps. You used to need to split your post. Are social networkings icons, the icon will be a lot of bookmarks, and so on. Using this extension you can easily add your post to show you in a short period of time.

05. Web Rank SEO:

Google is a Google Chrome Web is a great extension. Therefore, you must use the Google website page is about. Moreover, you can click on the icon of the web is Google’s Alexa rank, rank and others can view my complete profile.

06. Chrome to Phone:

You can use this extension if you have an Android-based smartphone or tablet PC can. The use of the Google Chrome extension for any content you want, you can send your smartphone or tablet. Morover, and other links you can send whatever you want.

7. Google Translate:

We see daily on the website. However, we do not have English as the language found in some sites. We face many problems if we need any information about that site. The extension of time to help with English or other languages Google Translate if you want, you can modify the language.

08. Google Mail Checker:

This is the number of unread messages in your Inbox will be displayed. Not only that, you need a Google mail checker extension through a single click on the icon and you can read this email. It’ll take you when you will get a new message in your inbox.

9. Google Calendar:

Google Calendar is Google Chrome-a very useful extension. This extension allows you to create a Google Calendar. It will show you the upcoming events.

10. Google Publisher Toolbar:

The extension for Google Chrome-It is very important to bloggers. If you have a Google AdSense site is approved, you will need a Google Publisher tools through a single click of the icon, you can check your account. Google Chrome is the publisher of this tool; you’ll see your AdSense account.

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