Tips for Creating Killer Website Content

There was a time when web developers would be happy to post on a website the content of education. As long as the content is packed full of relevant keywords, it does not matter if no one wanted to read it. This technique called keyword stuffing ‘system gaming’ was a popular way.

Unfortunately, this strategy no longer works. Google’s Panda update killed off thousands of websites with poor content. The minimum you can make decent search engine optimization and compelling web content that your visitors will love. Of course, the website content is not the only factor, but it is quite important, so you would be wise to listen to your SEO consultant. So, what makes a great website content? Check this out.


It goes without saying that all website content without the need to be original. If you write your own content, this is not an issue, but if you are a freelancer to outsource your content writing, always use a plagiarism checker before you upload it to your site. Plagiarised content hurts your site and you really do not want to be the subject of a DMCA takedown notice.

A strong title

The title is the first thing readers see. The title is a great hook that draws your readers, this is choose wisely. However, be careful little resemblance to the content of the post bears a title that is written, or the reader will feel cheated when you click on the post. In this example, click on the bait as is known, and when it works, is cracking down on social networking strategy.


Write for the readers not search engines. Content will always be compelling and interesting. , Be helpful to answer the question, or start a conversation. You can be controversial, even if you want, but whatever you can to try to avoid a frown. Write in a conversational fashion. No one wants to read a page of technical jargon or monotonous drivel.

Video and Image

To break up the text with video and images. In particular, the video is very popular these days and video content than any other type of social media content is shared. Web content for your blog posts and refrain from the use of generic images. Generic repetitive images and most readers saw in front of them. Instead, the commission your own images on your website and create a more personal feeling. It’s the small things that sets you apart from your website to your competitor’s site.


Website content should be fresh as well as the original. It’s a good idea to refresh the content regularly. Information update and add new pages and blog posts. The readers come back Prod
By sahita. This keeps the search engines happy

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