Optimizing Content for Consumers NOT Just Keywords

Keywords are important, but if you give them what they want to provide content that is more your content and ultimately consumers are more likely to engage with your brand.

Consumers will benefit the brands, which include the following contents:

**Consumers clear and simple answer to the question
**Clean, easy-to-follow directions on the path to creating the most ordinary consumers (ie, checking out with a coupon or sign up for an email newsletter)
**No grammar and spelling errors a little independent, creative content
**Data and information relevant to the product and the brand and the consumer interest
**Relevant and desired “Call to Action” (CTAs)

Consumers want that content:

**Exciting or entertaining
**To view a quick or easy reading
**Funny, sad, happy and in some way mentally
**Worth sharing with friends / family
**Distinct and independent of their competitors’ content when compared to (this does not necessarily mean that the subject matter, but the way its presented, can be used for voice, images chosen, or the overall layout)

So if you want to optimize the content for the consumer to do?

1. Consumers Find out what you like! Easy to use on-site surveys of consumers and what kind of content (video, blogs, infographics, etc.) and the like to ask you adjust your strategy accordingly.

2. Use your brand and make sure his voice is still echoing out of the picture with your desired customer base. As consumers grow their brand and change, so make sure that over time, the voice of your content is “evolving” to be so.

3. A man can not talk to them as a brand or a computer. They connect with you on a personal level, so they know you as more than just a source of profit, no matter what you want.

4. the competitors in your industry or other non-competing brands and products related to the tendency Be aware of your customers.

5. To find out more about what they are asking consumers, to hear more about, want to change to, or have to explain. This is an easy way to generate content and to recognize the customer’s needs and desires, as well as providing important information that probably is keyword rich.

6. customer base of your age, generation and demographic adapt. This one is easy. Increase your brand’s old, old growth or a general shift in the customer base undergoes. For example, your customer base, and now the baby boomers Seniors, anxiety, changes are to be presented, and the way the contents of the imagery are on the way. Keep your product targets young teens, Millennials then you will see a generational shift
Generation Y, or Z, and each generation of thinking or applying technology and the way your product will be adjusted according to your strategy. Finally, as times change, so too many consumers of a given product, or the value of financial capability. Be aware of the economic impact on your target audience and get more customers are looking for ways to help people make changes in the cost. Once overly expensive Apple Watch is a good example. Apple reduce its price to fall as hopes for the smartwatch has started to reach out to more customers.

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