Get Paid to Read Ads from Best PTC Sites

Click on advertisements to make money on the Internet is one of the best options to earn money.

Many people on low incomes because of the potential for making money, although this method is not recommended but if you do it properly, you just do 10-15 minutes of Rs.15,000 ($ 200- $ 300) per month, you can earn at least Rs.10,000 daily.

15 minutes a day if you do not think this is a lot of income for a lot of that, then this thing is not for you.

If you go back online job listing, and you can also check other options. But if you are from India, then this is enough for a lot of people will be a part-time income.

Best PTC (Click Paid)sites in

2 The majority of sites where you can start earning by viewing join & advertising. I’m already earning about Rs.10,000 monthly from the sites.ptc_sites

1. ClixSense

This is the most genuine PTC sites is just 1 year at the ClixSense & I have gained from more than Rs.65,000.

Its very easy to join in & ClixSense.

2. InboxDollars

Another website that you InboxDollars taking surveys, playing games, online shopping, web search & simple tasks like reading the number of ads to pay for doing good extra income.

From this link you join and be active in the next few days will get $ 5 signup bonus.

3. NeoBux

Another PTC sites can not believe this is on you. NeoBux Join millions of members and thousands of their members are not being paid regularly.

NeoBux from concept to realization. You can add websites and then login to your account to view ads.

Click here to join NeoBux

4. BuxP

PTC site gives the opportunity to earn the oldest Bakhsh BuxP more than 500,000 members in 2008. It was one of the advertisers & 56000. If you click on ads, YouTube and other video viewing, Facebook or Google +, etc. You can pay with a post like

BuxP here to join you and your friends and relatives to see all the ads in daily contact PTC can increase your income.

5. Paidverts

Paidverts a new website in the world, but PTC is gaining popularity very fast. Paidverts there is a good chance to earn something. Paidverts you can find lots of good reviews from users.

But little does the trick work with Paidverts.

First you have to join this link Paidverts fom. Once you join it, you see things and accumulate BAP BAP advertising needs. The next day, given a point to advertise your BAP & after seeing the ad will be converted to, you will receive cash.

Some tips for making a good income Paidverts-

1.See Daily 16 BAP advertising (activation ad).
2.BAP 8-12 hours to see all the ads in the ad for you, and all you need to see ads.
3.You pay just 0.05, you can not be seen by other members, which cost $ 1 ads will be recycled.
4.If you earn $ 1, then its more beneficial for you can buy a pack of advertising, because you just do not get $ 1.5 worth of ads or affiliate links or banners, but you can advertise your website (if you have)
5.Paidverts refer people through your referral link & multiply your income.

NeoBux also pay you via PayPal. So you can think of, from both sites you can use your PayPal account to receive payments do not need to.
The important point about PTC sites

There are thousands of PTC sites, but most of them are fake. Just a few really trusted sites and their members are paying.

And ClixSense & NeoBux 2 sites which are strong and ensure that their members are paying.

PTC sites on how to increase your income?

PTC spend more time at the site will not be able to increase your income is limited because the advertising on the site is provided and there is more than the number of ads that have no choice.

3 ways to multiply your income from PTC sites, but there are also

1.All ads by viewing life. Make it a habit to view ads everyday at a certain time.
2.Your team, your friends, relatives and other people familiar reference sites. Part of the proceeds from each & every referral income, and your income will multiply very high.
3.They receive premium membership. In this way, you’ll see ads for a double commission and when to see your referral ads will also double commission

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