How to Use a Blog to Sell Your Products Online

If you’ve been thinking about making money online, then you start a blog or set up your own ecommerce store can be considered. You do not have to choose one or the other. They both work hand-in-hand can help you make money online. Here’s how a blog can help you sell products online is a brief overview.

Use it as a marketing tool

Blogging is primarily a marketing tool. Statistics show:

**Lead 67 percent higher than those who do business in the blog.
**Marketers who are 13 times higher priority to blogging chances to see positive ROI.
**More than 97 percent of companies that have links from their website to see the blog.

While you will make money off of writing directly to the blog post, the practice by driving more traffic to your website to increase overall profits. For ecommerce websites, blogging for the people there are more ways to access your money. More links to your content, a larger database of keywords, and with constantly updated content, you higher search engine rankings, drive more traffic to your site and convert sales leads will improve your chances of making’ll see.

Aside from the traffic generation, blogging helps you attract the right customers. In order to deal with the needs of your ideal customer through helpful articles, you are the type of people who are most likely to buy from you will bring. The more you get noticed by blogging and build your authority on your site, people will have more confidence, and the more they will buy from you. Blogs are among the top five credible sources online, you have a long time to build relationships with customers and provide an opportunity to build your brand.

Context is key to using a blog as a marketing tool. This is what draws the line between content and commerce. If you want to choose topics that appeal to your target audience but also can be linked to your product offerings.

Use it to build your email list

Marketing experts agree that e-mail list of the most valuable marketing tools today. Expert Neil Patel said, “As a marketer, I checked out all channels, e-mails, most of them constantly outperforms.” Statistics show:

**Six times more than a tweet to you by e-mail with a single click’re more likely to get through.
**Email to gain new customers is 40 times more effective than social media.
** E-mail marketing, search and social to drive more conversions.

Here are the most popular email marketing services you can use a good list. But how you can attract people to your e-mail list? It all starts when you start your blog. When you attract people to your content, and they want more from you, they need to sign up for your email list. It’s a lead magnet, or a gift, special offer for new customers. For example, when they sign up for your newsletter or a free gift Your first purchase can offer a discount.

Once you have your mailing list, you get to the store deals, discounts, and the more you think you can share that will be the focus of their interest. It’s you people are most interested in your product gives you a direct line of communication to. And it works.

Readers’ Offer your product as a solution to the problem

Blogging is not a direct sales platform. It offers useful information to your readers is to build a relationship with them. However, if you are organized and you can specify the link to the product if it applies to the content. It’s a blog post of the last paragraph of your product as a solution is not unusual to see a call-to-action. What is not as useful a way that comes across as a sales pitch, it is to work with. Here are three ideas on how to incorporate these techniques.

1. Include a call to action. For example, let you sell yoga and video products. You could write a post on yoga postures for flexibility. At the end, you relax in the postures you are tense muscles or recovering from an injury to mention a yoga strap could use the help. (Make sure your yoga strap link.) The focus of the article is not your product, but it is referred to as a solution to the problem your readers.

2. Enter a product roundup post. Here, you are on your own in a variety of product specifications will drive people to your sales pages. But again, it has to be useful to the reader. For example, an online clothing retailer might write about “10 Trendy Fashions New this spring is coming.” Their products will be a few lists, but it is trying to sell to their readers rather than educating them about making more useful fashion advice.

3. Highlight how to use your product. This post is a tutorial format that will work well you’re selling a phone or a computer, for example, may be in, but not limited to it. A clothing retailer, for example, write a post on the five different ways to wear a scarf, as an example, could use their products.

You can use this technique again in blog post
A great way to drive web traffic and sales, and to highlight what your product can do is to use the real-life story. A retailer sells hiking, camping, survival gear and backcountry adventures of one of their team members out details of the series can start a blog. Blog posts adventure and focus on useful tips and advice for people wanting to travel to. However, each post will mention some of the products used in its travel blogger, and yes, they are the exact same ones that retailers want to be sold.

The retailer culinary products, which they cook in the kitchen to highlight the experience of using the product can be sold on their site. When a company selling smartphone camera on a recent snowboarding trip to the tricks they might have about the use of a team member’s blog. A cosmetics company may blog about their experiences with the products of different customers.

Notice how all of these examples come from a real person talking all the time, the company’s products play a real story to tell. To create a more personal connection with your readers this helps, and ideally it their tips and advice they can apply to their lives will provide you with.

Again, do not write this blog post you need to follow the story telling format. Each story is a blogging section integrated with a set time frame, consider using this tactic. You can tell a story more than one blog, it encourages readers to come back for more.

With this idea in mind, you have an ecommerce site and blog that complement each other and can build up in your bottom line. Are you ready to get started selling online? The first step is to set up your website. WordPress software, you have a WordPress commerce store everything you need to set up a blog site and have the same. What will you sell, and what kind of blog post to write to help you make money online?

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