How to Stay Motivated When Blogging Isn’t Easy

No matter what you’ve heard before, it is not easy making a living blogging. Despite what some may tell you, Teacher Tube, it takes years of hard work before you ever can enjoy an income sufficient to live comfortably. In fact, some never see any success at all. With that being said, you have to find a way to stay motivated. Otherwise, you’ll end up throwing in the towel prematurely.
Four tips for maximum motivation

Everyone is motivated by different things. For some bloggers, generating enough revenue to live a comfortable lifestyle concept inspiring. For others, they know that many of you reading the text. But what specifically you, regardless of motivation, the following tips will keep you on pace:

1. Set short-term goals

Blogger, where each of the three, you want to be in five or ten years have this idealistic view. But the problem is many of them do not know that up until that time. “It’s the boring, time-consuming, the middle part of the financial success that they really want to keep most people from achieving,” Timothy Sykes believes in entrepreneurship. “They want the end result is amazing, when, in fact they do not understand how much work is required to get there.”

That’s why it’s critically important to both short-term and long-term goals we set. Short-term goals – daily, weekly, may be included, and monthly checkpoints – to keep you motivated to pay attention to the long-term goals for the future.

2. Two things done every day

Have you ever in your desk those days where you spend 10 or 12 hours of work and on the work of putting out the fire, only to look back and wonder what’s really at the end of the day you got done?

Without you being able to accomplish at least two things should not be an end in a day. Five tweets as your last blog post or send comments to answer it – – it does not matter, they can be incredibly small. The point is that you should have been the end of the day knowing that something positive.

3. Track progress

Do you work for a major company in a sales or marketing role, then you’re probably familiar with a progress report. Managers often, weekly, monthly, and quarterly report on progress in different areas of the business so that they can track how things are going.

As a blogger, you will be tracking your own progress. You can do this with Google Analytics. It checks the identification of specific metrics, and then customized progress reports in compiling the numbers that you see that everything is as simple as you can look back on in the future.

4. Network with successful people

“I started in blogging today knowing what I know now connecting with others online, I would like to invest significant time each day,” successful blogger Darren Rowse acknowledged. “The ‘It’s you who do not know you know it,” Blogging is the old adage rings true. ”

When you network with other bloggers, you see what they are doing, bounce new ideas off them, and even to improve the visibility of your blog through guest blogging relationship was.

Thankfully, bloggers networking is fairly simple. Most of it is actually behind your keyboard and social networking platforms, message boards, and online communities is performed through.

Push through hard times

Blogging is not easy. It’s an audience that you enjoy financial freedom and build up month can make a difference and consistent writing, marketing, and networking takes years. Especially in hard times – that being said, make sure that you’re not finding motivation.

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