Four Ways to Boost Your Earning Potential On Airbnb

Airbnb’s travel and tourism industry has taken by a storm, and a passive income if you already do not use the popular home-sharing website, you’re missing out.

Research carried out by the respected economist Gene Sperling shows that the extra money for a salary increase of 14% compared to middle-class families can be realized is through Airbnb. According to the report, the list each year with a typical host through Airbnb around US $ 7,500 earns, and the supplemental income to travel and treatment costs or unexpected bills and mortgages are used for everything from vacation.

If you’re thinking of hosting on Airbnb or is already using it to rent out a spare room or the entire property while you’re away, then there are small changes you may be able to increase the popularity of your list. Recent winners of the 2015 prize Airbnb to be a good host and share some tips to increase your income, so here are some tips based on their insights.

1. Communicator is a good

Airbnb’s one thing, “Super Hosts” all agree that communication is very important to clearly and efficiently to keep guests happy, and get good reviews if you want to do is build up a good reputation.

For starters, including lots of photos to make sure that guests know they can expect exactly what your property on Airbnb details are as clear and detailed as possible. Highlight your property and its facilities, as well as in how far it nearby attractions, shops or public transport to be.

Secondly, make sure that any message you respond as soon as possible, and to ensure that your property before they are a good fit for their guests, the book will try to have a brief exchange.

2. Pay attention to details

It is often a welcome note or fresh flowers can make people feel welcome and at home, so that way your guests to come in and look for a way to help them settle in the little details.

For example, it is an important number, your personal contact information, relevant passwords and phone numbers of local restaurants, taxis or other useful to provide a list of services that can be helpful.

Also as you travel adapter, such as toiletries and oil, salt, pepper, tea and coffee in the kitchen basics such as to create a good impression with extras can think about. Some even host a bottle of wine or delicious locally produced food, and the region would like to leave a little welcome gift.

3. Home improvements can add value

However, a home before you list your property on Airbnb will not change because of something or home improvements you increase your prices and make more money in the long run there can help.

For example, just to give your home a fresh coat of paint can make it seem much more welcoming. Bigger changes that you will be able to charge every night ensuite bathrooms and kitchenettes or decks, Patios and gazebos can be found in the outdoor spaces.

You can also make sure that all of you around the house, clogged drains, leaky pipes and check for problems such as broken light bulbs or a switch that is good working order should be.

4. Let some personality shine through

It goes without saying that your property be immaculately clean and tidy before you go, without any need to welcome guests, and it’s always away or take pictures of any personal effects that may be in your guests feel uncomfortable.

However, since one of the major reasons people like to Airbnb over traditional hotels is that they are looking for a unique experience, your home should not be either sterile or boring. Your personality shine through your home’s decor, it’s bold colors and designs, whether in your city or artistic collages and photographs of iconic paintings in a little way to go.

When decorating your target audience to consider it, because certain styles, such as children, couples or families with budget travelers, such people can appeal to a specific group more important.

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