Top 10 Blogs for Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs

Sometimes a single insight completely change the direction of your startup or business, so make sure you are reading a blog that can spark creativity and, as you can change the mentality.

If you regularly read the blog that every startup founder or entrepreneur should get a list. Enjoy.

1. Paul Graham essays

Perhaps not in the literal sense of the word a blog, but it was close enough, he wrote and published a collection of essays. Paul Graham of Y Combinator an entrepreneur and co-founder, and as a result over the past 10 years, has worked with hundreds if not thousands of tech startups.

2. Ben Horowitz’s blog

Ben is a seasoned technology entrepreneur turned venture capitalist. He co-founded Opsware, which was acquired by HP. More recently, he Marc Andreessen is a venture capital firm, Andreessen Horowitz started talking. Curious fact: Ben is a fan of rap music, rap song, and he starts in his post!

3. Quicksprout

Nowadays almost every business has a digital component. That’s why you digital marketing, which is SEO (search engine optimization), the e-mail marketing, content marketing, and so on need to know about. No one better than Neil Patel is to teach you about. His post is always value-packed and straight to the point.
4. Fred Wilson-AVC

Fred Wilson, a venture capital game has been playing for a long time. According to his website, in 1986, he has begun! Even back then it was called Venture Capital? Almost everyday you get a new post on his blog, and about the tech scene is packed with useful information and insights.

5. Steve Blank

Author and serial entrepreneur Steve Blank-technology shares, general business startups and his views on his blog. Over the years, he has worked with startups 8, 4 of which have gone public!

6. Chris Dixon
This co-founded the SiteAdvisor (sold to McAfee), co-founded aggregates (sold to eBay), Uber, Makerbot, BuzzFeed, and more investment! He obviously knows what he’s about, talking, right? Profile link at the top of his medium, where he is blogging these days. You can also visit his old blog published over 400 articles, he can read.

7. Jason Ball
Jason is a partner of Qualcomm Ventures. Her blog, like this one, about the personal development of its analysis of the latest technology trends and startups, as well as to get a piece.

8. Seth Godin

It’s all about marketing, and marketer Seth Godin is the master! Seth’s Blog Posts One big advantage is that they are very small (200 to 300 words) and is straight to the point. You can not read them, because it does not say you busy!

9. Both sides of the table

Mark Suster, an American entrepreneur, angel investor and investment partner in advance Ventures. You can book on his blog, trends, analysis of startups, market, and so on tips.

10. 500 hats
Dave McClure, an entrepreneur and angel San Francisco Bay Area, who founded and runs the business accelerator 500 Startups based investors. Her blog is updated quite regularly, and he was always very outspoken about the technical and business issues.

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