Top 7 Pokemon Go Websites and Resources

If you want to collect all the pokemons, they developed faster than your friends and be a very good coach, a little help can not hurt, right?

Whether you are looking for tips about the game, map or for tutorials, websites, and of course you need to do is going to have the resources below.

1. Niantic Blog

It’s straight from the horse’s mouth, followed by blogs in Niantic. Niantic company that developed the game. You can play all the latest updates about their blog, the scenes stories, and so on get behind.

2. Go to the Pokémon Global

The variety of game resources cointains. For example, the first 151 Pokemons game is a Pokédex. The egg is a list of locations and offer a blog with the latest news about the game.
Go to the Pokémon website

3. FastPokeMap

Pokémon players around their eggs on this website is dedicated to help you find locations. Just select your current location and you will be able to see pokemons around.

4. PCMag 21 Pokemon tips

PCMag 21 tips from the guys that will help you throughout the game to put together a really nice slideshow. For example, you may not know that, you will be able to capture the simple AR pokemons you off?

5. Pokemon Go Pro

This is one of the first online forum dedicated entirely to Pokemon. Sections strategy, trading, adventure, and includes information about the game. The site also contains other sections, like a Pokédex.

6. PokeCommunity

Another forum is dedicated to the game. The number of members and posts similar to Pokemon Go Pro, but the forum is structured around individual questions and more, so you can easily navigate.

7. Go Pokemon DB

This site will serve as a database of everything related to the game. For example, you have egg all pokemons chart, guidance, moves, statistics, and so on have a Pokédex. Very useful.

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