Facebook pushes mobile users to Messenger app

Android devices and an application of Facebook users are being notified that they will be able to access messages without.

For members of the social functions of a mobile phone’s web browser to access the network by being unable to read the message.

At present, a message is displayed to inform users of the changes. Some of the handsets will be launched on the Play Store.

Facebook said in its 2014 Messenger policy is removed.

“The Messenger using the application faster and richer interaction is possible. We have the best experience on the messenger, we can bring 900 million people are continuing,” it said in a statement.

Messages that are already unavailable through the official Facebook app.

However, Devin Coldewey technology news website Tech count “a hostile step” has been described as.

“Indeed, the mobile site is not a lot of people who have good reason to download the app is used by,” he wrote.

Some users have complained that they do not wish to use the application, battery life and, citing privacy concerns.
Income Generation

CCS Insight analyst Martin Garner from the BBC messaging is a key area for the company.

“This step underlines what is becoming an important platform for Facebook messaging,” he said.

“Messaging revenue for the next growth driver, but it is undoubtedly highly sophisticated artificial intelligence will be key to developing a solution.

“Despite their initial objections to the use of a dedicated messaging app. Facebook is just to make sure that the application is a big drain on battery life, well-written and does not need to start it.”

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