Why Your Small Business Needs to Have a Blog

Small businesses and small businesses that do not take the time and try to blog more than 126 per cent were found to generate leads.

If that alone is not to convince you that you still have a blog and you run a small business is not enough, then it really is time for a good time to invest.

What’s more, research shows that companies that it is time to remove the blog from companies that do not have a blog, compared to their website / blog, linked from the website enjoys more than 97 per cent.

Again, on behalf of that statistic alone makes for a loud argument compelling. After all, the more links will almost always equate to more traffic. More traffic, Facebook, Twitter and likes on social means an increase in shares, and possibly Instagram and Pinterest too, depending on your market.

Then, because your blog is to attract more traffic and more social shares, you will attract more of the world. And more leads, the leads are dealt with effectively offering, means that the potential for additional revenue is magnified greatly.

You are aware that there were …

-More Than 60 percent of the United States, the general consumer has taken time to read a blog post that they have made at least one purchase. In other words, the blog post “right” was intent on finding the information that has been given to the reader.

-Around The advertising media as opposed to 70 per cent of consumers through their blogs to know about the existence of a particular company. If you want to earn more money, rather than the idea of ​​a blog is to invest your time in the media.

It has been found that 60 percent of consumers, the business sentiment survey come away with a positive reading on a small business blog

It’s not for me to tell you that those are impressive statistics should be! It is well documented that you should run a small business and you take the time and make the effort to participate in content marketing, you’re probably – probably – well – much better than you “get around to it some other time, because I’m busy priority.”

Content marketing (including blogging)

There are multitudes of people are already searching for the Google “content marketing,” and that trend is set to continue to rise in the foreseeable future.

Tell us what else?

It tells us that people are content marketing and how it can work to improve their business want to know about. And it’s likely that many of those searchers to learn the contents of the marketing potential of more traditional advertising formats can replace a portion of their expenses are intent on.

What a way to start a blog for small businesses in the market ahead of their drive to improve it.

If you’re still not sure, then. You still have your own business you’re sitting on the fence with respect to the ‘need for a blog, then here are a few more statistics and for you to consider:

-Some 82 percent of consumers that content is posted on a company blog to read.

30 percent of consumers, when they are ready to make a purchase -Over, a blog of the factors considered to be the most influential in the decision.

-Those Businesses that have already committed to blogging and blog has published more than 50 posts, 77 per cent of the average monthly leads a lift.

Content syndication and multichannel marketing

If you push your marketing time for the next level of local content, it is dependent on the syndication of content and marketing through additional channels.


All the other people in your content so that it is not being discussed. Having your content bloggers rerun; Invest your time guest blogging for your own alternative networks; NearSay as popular as local content network publishers to maintain a presence.

It is these things that will significantly magnify your plans for content marketing.

multichannel marketing

It is the power behind the quality of your channel. Update your Facebook, your e-mail lists, your tweets, LinkedIn updates, new photos posted on Instagram. All of them are supported by the additional cost of the strong content.

Do you descend from?

Online content publishing relatively frequently (1-2 times weekly), you’ll enjoy measurable and significant results.

It is a fact, and as can be seen from the above figures, a blog, except that a small business is constantly and persistently failed to fire all cylinders.

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