Why Every eCommerce Website Needs a Blog?

Many people are blogging these days, and it is a fresh issue that still has to be covered it pretty hard. Nevertheless, the vast majority of ecommerce website owners focus on sales and leads, and some like to think a blog for business as irrelevant. If you are among them, change your attitude and then it’s time to start blogging. Here are a few of the blogs these days is vital to ecommerce websites.

Great Content Marketing Tool

You can term “content marketing” ring any bells What? You may have already heard about the possibility of it like a lot of buzz around this topic. In short, it’s a marketing effort for customer acquisition and retention of content (articles, videos, infographics, podcasts, etc.) do not use. By Seth Godin is a famous quote goes like this, “content marketing is the only marketing left.” Ecommerce has evolved greatly since 2008. He said it back, but the content still remains one of the most effective marketing tool. Just read an article about the hottest trends in digital marketing and content marketing you will definitely need them. Blogging, especially medium and long-term point of view into consideration, this is one of the most powerful and efficient tools for content marketing. Why?

Additional entry points

Additional pages to your website blog post. The more you, the more entry points you provide your audience. So how many pages is enough? HubSpot research can provide some clues. According to it, ecommerce website has less than 400 pages, with 100 pages, 6 times more than their colleagues in the lead. Even if your website is small, you should not think that no one will read your post. This assumption does not just ensure that your business grows.

Improve SEO rankings

As a business owner you naturally want to have your website a high search engine rankings. Blog really come in handy when it comes to SEO improvements. Google’s robots to monitor the website on a regular basis and they want to see what’s new and relevant content. Add new pages to your store is a sign that your business is still active. Google websites are regularly higher than those who do not, which is that the ranks are updated. Keywords are another thing. Slim fit t-shirts you sell and how to choose them naturally you can write a blog post will focus on the use of the word (or a few of them, like the slim fit T-shirts to buy or slim fit T-shirt’s worth). From the point of view of a search engine optimized your website will be better.

More Links

Another thing that is important to the search engines the amount and quality of links, both internal and external are. You can easily, or any other product that you are selling them to a corresponding page can add a link to a blog. This will be conducive to guiding visitors to a purchase. Another important thing to back-links. To share the URL of your website to other websites are one of the main target for any SEO expert. Most of them were to agree on the amount of quality back links will break your SEO rankings. Quality content gets shared, and anyone at any time on Twitter or Facebook to share your story, you’re more likely to attract new customers.

If you still do not believe that the blog post here is a truly remarkable success story can make a difference. Fiberglass pools Marcus Sheridan wrote only one article and its “river pool and spa,” it added. The next morning, on its website relating to the cost of what once was the top ranking in the search engines, and it brought him $ 1.7 million in sales. This blog post because it was so successful because its customers do not have to answer questions.


There is a real organization behind your website people want to see. Let’s face it, no one is a “no-name” likes to buy from the store. You can create blog content to show your skills. Building trust is essential, especially when it comes to customer retention. According to various studies, retaining existing customers 5-10 times cheaper than the new finding. Moreover, 40% of the revenues generated by Adobe customers back to the United States, according to the study.

You have to share a remarkable story – if you do not hesitate. Not only potential customer, who can enjoy it if you really like it you may notice by the media. People tend to find more reliable information if they read it in the news.

How to start blogging

First of all, you have to start a blog or a professional writer will not be a popular social media commentator. Blogging is a thing anyone can engage in. Interesting and important information that could be valuable for your audience is. So what will you write about?

-Address A particular problem. Fiberglass pools problem with websites that companies do not want to disclose the price of their products, because they thought that it was not to be confused customers. Marcus Sheridan change that post.

-Your Brand’s history and updates. Is your company an interesting history behind it, then it’s a good post for your blog can not turn. All stories “behind the scenes” loves.

-Your Products. For more information on your product, such as an additional space Think of a blog. Visitors interested in how they are made and where. If your products do not forget to share their special features. However, excessive promotional staff to help your customers than it is to write about aiming for a hard sell, do not try to do more.

-Your Promotion. If you are promoted, then dite aways or discount campaign – dedicated a post to tell more about them. Blog Terms and Conditions applicable for a given media publicity is good for a full list.

-Other Relevant information. If your company does not have to be all about your blog. You can write about the latest developments in the industry or just recently you’ve discovered something interesting to share.

Content of the research

When blogging, you “read-only” format do not need to stick to. Visual, like the infographic or video Adding, is a good way to tell a story. Subscribe to the box so that visitors could leave their email to receive updates by mail, make sure to include your last.

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