5 Features Every Author’s Website Needs

Time and time again, the Internet has proven to be an important tool in marketing a wide range of expansion. A professional writer who wants to connect with their audience or whether an up-and-coming authors to promote their new book, is an important tool to achieve success is to build a website. There are many cheap web design companies out there. To get your website, some of it together was not created without a strategic plan- Rome in a day, do not notice the cast, right? The website features top readers will keep coming back to your site, and will be exponentially more marketing of your book.
1. Clean Range
A book is a direct images that illustrate an idea, and your website will be just that. A site with a one-column layout, post and update your money is wrapped vertically down the page, a site that is easier to read than that of any system or categorization. Designs and fonts you use on your site to the attention of your readers decide to play a major role. A clear simple font and color scheme endless, and your audience will thank you for.

2. Email List

Once your readers have visited the site, how do you keep them coming back? Email lists, because they are so widely used source of information to the public is great. VerticalResponse marketing services like MailChimp email and conveniently while you promote your book and writing in the future to allow your readers to send e-mail updates. Your readers to sign up for your newsletter, so make sure you have an email list of the pages or widgets open out, there are choices to be readily available to the public.

3. Social Media Buttons

Communication with readers is so important for a writer. You can collaborate on ideas, receive feedback and criticism, and even make new friends. A writer can promote not only themselves, but also to connect with everyone in the industry is essential for the social media. Getting visitors to your website are interested in social media buttons, so the reader to follow you on account of your social circle will allow. Here you can add a variety of social channels, the most popular are Facebook and Twitter. Normally in CSS website templates already integrated social media buttons, but there are several tutorials available online to add to your own customized button.

4. Blog Posts

There is just a website and a blog is a huge difference between operating. Sure, you can promote your book with a website, the information, maybe share a little about myself included, but beyond that there is not a lot of improvement. Posted update a site with more readers, hence would be inclined to see the beauty of owning a weblog. By merging your website to a blog, you post your unique voice to showcase your book will bring promotion. Blog posts can be about anything you choose, but if they are good at your job marketing your book is pointing.

5. About the Author

Short, sweet and to the point, an author of the “About Me” page should be. This allows you to share a little about yourself and your achievements while in some arcane allows you to relate to your audience. Mile stretch on the page seems to be, then it looks less attractive to the reader. Keep it short, while keeping it informative. Read more here about how to write me a shout.

A writer’s business website design with the use of a clean interface and interesting posts can improve their chances of being noticed. Email list as something that can help you better writer and social media, connecting with the public, will always be an asset. A website is a useful step on the ladder of success.

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