9 PR Stunts that Backfired Big Time

PR is undoubtedly a critical aspect of modern business. Well-executed public relations has the potential to yield significant brand recognition and revenue. On the other hand … it is bad public relations has the potential to completely cripple a company’s integrity. You can say any publicity is good publicity? Well, after reading a few of these, you surely would agree with that figure of speech.

1. PR failed to Paramount Pictures

2014 The long-awaited Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie and saw the grace of our silver screen. However, social media is an unfortunate coincidence with posters throughout the anger sparked.
Apparently, Paramount’s marketing team is working on the release of the film, and an exploding skyscraper on the link in the quartet failed to take the leap from the shell. Needless to say, Paramount Pictures has received a lot of negative press for this blunder.

2. The UK supermarket horse-meat scandal

Who can forget the sensational scandal? Irish food inspectors are many top UK supermarket chains, meat products back in 2013 when it announced the discovery of traces of horse DNA, the UK media is virtually exploded.

Many supermarkets offer a public apology to the form of the spread with newspaper adverts and as a result, sales of frozen meat products, reduced overnight.
The scandal inadvertently ‘knock on’ effect of many UK stores to help drive sales. I was anticipating that bet supermarket!

3. Ghettopoly

This scandal ‘retro’ is old enough to be considered, it is still a perfect example of PR gone wrong.

Based on the popular board game Monopoly ‘Ghettopoly’, after a major offensive to minority communities in the United States caused a stir. Substitutes crack house hotel for the controversial board game and even a rock of crack cocaine with the loveable, thimble replacement.

Needless to say, a Hasbro (Monopoly manufacturers) are very happy with this parody of the iconic board game, and even start legal dispute against the use of negative press surrounding this pariah. Unfortunately, that is not the monopoly of Hasbro’s why they lost the conflict.

“For a long time I remember seeing some of the obstacles can not be quite as racist or not: Peter Herbert, chairman of the Society of Black Lawyers is quoted. It was” sort of like the SS.

4. Belkin scandal Review

Consumer electronics conglomerate positive reviews of Belkin intent to use the platform to generate a crowd after a worker suffered a spate of bad news.

Mechanical Turk – – Amazon’s crowd for using fake reviews of a Belkin employee produces only monumentally idiotic ratio can be described as a public relations blunder.

This man of action, a formal apology for the offending employee and the company’s president, forcing a hasty dismissal, the company has come under scrutiny from the tech world

5. plead for a bailout of the auto industry of private jets to fly CEO

Perhaps the most ironic PR frantically fail, General Motors, Ford and Chrysler CEO of the $ 25 billion in taxpayer bailout money and flew to Washington in private jets to plead for them.

Now, do not be so quick to judge. Perhaps they have forgotten their terrible economic situation of the CEO that the product is so used to travel in luxury.

It has been estimated that the cost of each plane to about $ 20,000. When you’re begging for billions of pocket change. Nevertheless, a few members of the stunt men a fair day. However, the CEO’s has accepted and will be attending in the future, hybrid cars

6. Sainsbury’s 50p Challenge

People so that you spend more when you hang a poster in the shop window now, you really must be fresh marketing ideas out. Superstore Sainsbury’s in the UK has, and then became the butt of many jokes just did.

This poster was not intended for the public, it actually costs more to encourage employees to get customers in a bid to show the staff room was meant to be. If customers are not aware of your intentions Needless to say, this kind of PR stunt work well.

Perhaps even funnier still, the supermarket chain Lidl is possible to save a lot of 50p encourage every one of their customers, Sainsbury’s gaffe on the eve of the release of a poster.

It just goes to show, one can always benefit from someone else’s bad PR.

7. McDonalds failed to Twitter

Are you looking for a good source of public relations blunders fails, look no further than Twitter. Connect with their audience and brand recognition of the company’s growth until it can be an excellent platform for the query to the dismay of many McDonalds, gives voice to your audience …

#McDStories – – McDonald’s fast-food firm started the Twitter campaign to spread the good news about good intentions … and you could say it backfired big time!

Within minutes, thousands of Twitter users, each with their own experience, their gruesome tales of McDonald’s, McDonald’s sent over. PETA animal rights activists and even got in on the action!

8. Malaysia Airlines Ultimate Bucket List

Now this does not sound too offensive, I mean, everyone has a bucket list? There is nothing objectionable about a bucket list?

Well, let me just Malaysian Airlines timing could not be worse with this social media campaign, let’s say that. MA Flight 370’s disappearance and a total of 537 lives were lost in the destruction of Flight 17 in which M, whereas, considered as a bucket list is a bit insensitive.

Malaysia Airlines agreed and allowing the public relations fiascos, avoid, or flight from Malaysia to win an iPad ‘campaign has been rebranded.

9. Sale of Hurricane Sandy

East Coast for many generations of Americans will remember the destructive power of Hurricane Sandy. Not to mention the people who lost their lives. The clothing company American Apparel was based on the disaster.

And offering 20% ​​off everything “if you’re bored during the storm” using the slogan, American Apparel will launch a marketing campaign in order to profit from the disaster is.
Underhandedly exploitative nature of many of the frightened and has vehemently voiced their opinions on Twitter.

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