16 Tips to Improve WordPress Performance

If you get stuck behind a learner driver was in a situation where you have been? I have. What is the most hated of learner drivers? (No offense to learner drivers, in fact, we were all learner drivers a day, but I’m merely trying to make a point!), They are slow. How do you feel when you think of his slow your website visitors? They feel like they are stuck behind a learner driver! When you last checked your home page load time is the time? Is it acceptable? Keep reading to find out …

When I started blogging, I soon realized there was a decrease in the performance of my wordpress blog. 16 posts and 16 plugins to be supercharged to the people who need it desperately race Snail ‘turbo’ was like. So much so that I have a choice about this in Chrome bookmarks folder (Internet Explorer no offense!) There. I share so everyone can benefit and goes down like a great wine list that wanted to create an elegant.

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