How to Make a Full-Time Income by Adding a Storefront to Your Blog

You can create your own product to sell that will not last long, open steady flow of passive income.

Unlike monetize your website with ads, you will not necessarily need to have a solid base of income will not be a huge traffic. As sponsored posts, reviews and affiliate marketing as another blog monetization models trust your audience can come off as a little out of sync.

Selling products that your blog is not a get-rich scheme, it is being said. However, with the right strategy it is time to sell your own products by adding a storefront is entirely possible to make a full time income.

In this article, I have to make a huge profit on your blog by adding an ecommerce storefront will show you.

What to sell?

Before jumping into a storefront to start your blog, one of the first questions you should ask yourself, “to sell what is’.

If you have been hit with a brilliant idea, you can be tougher to decide what your blog should be sold. Thousands of arrests are possible, with the best available technology, everything’s already been done by someone else as it may seem like.

Here are some suggestions for brainstorming product ideas.

The gap is an opportunity to try and solve the problem on your own: to create a product that can solve your own problem. By solving your own problem, the more likely you’re solving a problem to others.

Check the market: it helps them to solve the problem before it is made, ask your followers. Also, a common pain point of your product can solve your potential customers to see whether your niche forums and sites like can walk through.

Digital or physical products: and sales of digital products such as books and online courses, such as the book is easier than creating a physical product. If it comes to selling a physical product, the profit margin will be huge. Will be a good fit for you and it can be decided which option.

Pricing: Pricing your product is as important as the product itself created. Well-known face in your niche that you are not circles, but it’s so much you should consider selling the low-priced products, it may be difficult to sell high-priced products. After an excellent start, in order to raise more revenue, you release new products on a consistent basis or by a single focus on selling higher-priced product can think about expanding your product lines.

Should you start selling?

Once you decide what you’re selling, the next step is to look at how to sell.

You’ve started blogging for a while. However, it simply by rolling it on your blog and thus run a successful ecommerce store can not guarantee huge profits.

Before you launch a product on your blog, you did not, for example, if there is the possibility that your readers can expect from you everything for free. That attitude has to be a mistake. As the seller, you may have to change the mindset that eventually they buy products from your store, so that each customer throughout the life cycle are carefully nurture your future.

Define your unique selling proposition:
You mentioned your potential customers who would like to be and why they need your product.

To create a minimum viable product:
a small group of people to your product launch and early response. Yaro Starak to sell its premium plugin using this method. He made a preselling campaign and asked its readers to buy the beta product for just $ 5. This strategy before launching the final product, but the initial funding has helped him get valuable feedback.

Choose an Ecommerce Platform

Offers hundreds of different ecommerce platform, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with different shipping. In fact, each platform has its own pros and cons. Some of the others will be charged a monthly fee, whereas some of them on the basis of the total sales will be charged. In fact, you have almost nothing to charge even other open source choices.

About which platform best suits your need to get a quick idea, you can use a recommendation engine, such as WebAppMeister. What’s in it for e-commerce applications and have a head to head comparison of the best choices for you to pick the one that seems to be helping.

If you’re a WordPress blogger, arrested some of the following popular shopping cart.

To sell digital products, e-junkie-

E-junkie selling digital products such as eBooks on your blog is one of the easiest ways to get started. All you have to do is register an account on the E-junkie and some basic information about your products and business organizations are provided. E-junkie admin panel Buy Now button to copy and paste to your blog where you want it to sell. Once you have that, everything else will take care of E-junkie.

Price: monthly cost starts from $ 5 onwards.

Here you can visit the website E-junkie.

Woocommerce- for both digital and physical products

WordPress lets you easily add a storefront on your blog is a popular e-commerce plugin. According to, WordPress eCommerce websites Alexa’s top 1 million sites for approximately 22% of the preferred shopping platform.

You can easily integrate with your current blog is looking to add a storefront is the most appropriate.

Price: Free WordPress Plugin costs. However, you are making a fully featured ecommerce site may require the purchase of additional plug-ins.

Here is the official site of WordPress.

To sell

To the platform, then add it to your blog, and it’s made by setting up a storefront to start selling.

Here you can give your new store are few ways to spread the word out.

Promote your network: If you come across your blog and social networks to spread the news about the store.

Special offer:
No offer huge discounts to customers soon.

you have not purchased a product from your store visitors to your blog is a clever way to show ads. The best thing would be relatively low CTR for marketing and advertising.

Invitation to authenticate your product and invite other bloggers in your niche as an affiliate marketer.

What have you decided to sell your blog? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

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