Blog Monetization Strategies

You may have seen several blog monetization strategy, so this one different? Well, it’s the point of an infographic. We have an alternative version of the infographic for our customers – for the price of one, so that the two, but it will not cost you a dime wait!
It is important to understand the mentality of the new bloggers when they are started; There are two main things in their mind. One, the quality of content; Two, the money – aka ‘Show me the money!’

As you will understand imgend payasa money. Of course, start with great content, but you only rely on the traffic is organic or search engine then you have to go somewhere. You will need to create backlinks to your site. Baccarat is the foundation WOW content. Also for your backlinks to your niche to build relationships with fellow bloggers. Not only fellow bloggers will link to your awesome content, but they will help to promote their channel.

Baccarat is the end product of traffic. If you get visitors to your site, you have to respect them and their needs. You can just throw stuff at them and hand over their hard-earned income can not expect. Put yourself in their shoes and do not think of them as a source of income only. These are real people with real needs. Give them the information they need and help them. Again, the key is to engage with your website visitors and to treat them with respect. This will help to build a relationship with your audience.

After you create a relationship of income as long as you have a plan, or at least thinking about the monetization strategy will take care of itself. You can download this infographic and as long as you give credit to us with a link back to your site can use it.
1. Google ads or the same
One of the most popular techniques to new bloggers putting up ads. It is easy to setup and get started. Infolinks In-Text ads are popular for those who (affiliate link) Be sure to have the option to Google. 5 pages and a minimum of 10 posts have a reasonable structure of the site and make sure that you are only advertising providers. This strategy provides the lowest income compared to other techniques discussed below.

2. Affiliate Products

Affiliate products on sale anywhere between 25% to 75% commission can give. You set the price of ayaphiliyeta imagerecommending $ 100 and a visitor clicks on your affiliate link and purchase the product at the end of the product, based on the commission you earn a commission of $ 75 to $ 25’s. If you do not want to put your name on the line for a clever product as careful about what you are recommending. As a rule of thumb, I can only say that I have tried and tested the product. I’m building a brand and making a quick buck but are focussed on decisions you make.
Pretty much any niche affiliate products for you where you can find lots of affiliate networks. You can use Google to find the search term in your niche + “affiliate programs”. So if you had a dog training niche affiliate programs dog training or dog training you will find affiliate products.

3. The product on Amazon or eBay

Another popular strategy for bloggers. Ibe imagetheir you as an eBay or Amazon affiliate product recommendations from a huge collection and you can get a commission. Paying affiliate products at a relatively low 20% compared to 5%, but the strategy of focussing on quantity. The best part of this strategy is to suggest to the visitor to your website is not only the products purchased on eBay or Amazon and you can get a commission for any product. If you go to Amazon, a link to your website and your website visitor clicks on a book on Islam was recommended. Website visitor, then you, as well, now that’s got to be a good agreement that will receive a commission decides to buy a large LCD TV.

4. literally showing faith in my ability to deliver more than the mailing list as I love my e-mail client.

Do not treat this like a money list; It is faith, trust and truth is a list.
Engage with your customers quickly and start your list. Imagereaders your email lists they want and what your blog content out of the mold. I is based on customer feedback and infographics have started to focus more on blogging. I first started this blog’s real estate and property investment. I’m not saying that there are completely written off, but I’m casting my blog to cater for customers.

I have some great bloggers who blog is gone, even if they are as long as they are loyal to their email list of members can be found on their feet. Due to the new bloggers trying to cut their initial Blogging path; The most common one is the cost. If you are serious about creating a blogging career or a brand, an email list, then this is a must and ideally start from day one.

5. In your own product or service

When you have a reasonable amount of traffic and customers, you can create your own products or services and can keep the majority of the profit. The most common product is a test. One of the most common services you provide advice and guidance is one of the consulting. This can be online or offline.

6. Niche specific ad

If you find that traffic is a terrific passive income. About the training of the dog and that you have a reasonable traffic, ad placements on your site for your niche product or service can be provided to the company. You can also get an idea of ​​the potential advertisers with statistics about traffic can have a page on your site. BuySellAds by connecting advertisers with the website owners have websites that make the process easier.

7. Membership Site

Imageuseful you for your audience members do not have to do anything different other than the production of content, simply because I like the concept of a paid membership site. If you notice or affiliate products to recommend, but the relationship did not involve creating a membership site. Subscriptions per year, per month or only for premium content, can be lifelong.
A membership site is a free site that is going to be a risk to drop following your audience or to protect some of these strategies: a free site with premium content, as well as a membership site. Discount for loyal customers or even give them free access for a limited time. Only the beginning in terms of new members. Talk about rewarding loyalty.
Hint: If you do not know, this site is good, the future is now to be a membership site can be a VIP πŸ™‚

8. Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts for other bloggers or a company you want to recommend their products or services in exchange for a fee. This may even be a review of a product or service.

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