Monetize Your Website with YesAdvertising

As a website publisher, you are able to generate your website that you’re always on the hunt for new and innovative ways to increase revenue. At the same time, you have to maintain them coming back for more with the actual value of your readers would like to elevate the user experience.

What they call advertising technology leveraging programs, YesAdvertising offer publishers, advertisers Netlog news all the time, to boost their ROI and leverage big data to optimize a campaign ad network “offers plenty of lucrative offers to choose from.”

Say Yes to ad

Sometimes it will be a challenge to earn money online, and publishers are encouraged to leave unturned and unexplored opportunities to do that. With YesAdvertising, the publisher access to a broad range of offers from a variety of industry verticals can expect.

Like many other affiliate networks, YesAdvertising available with a choice of publishers. If you want to promote a comprehensive offer to cherry-pick the way you can browse through the advertising market. In this way, you will notice that it is consistent with your brand and can ensure that your core messaging.

Otherwise, YesAdvertising aiming to guarantee you the best eCPM, you are sending traffic that is useful in its own database that can determine which notification has a strong algorithm. And that the only real number that matters. Low conversions little money on a high payout. If you just want to maximize how much you can earn per visitor.

YesAdvertising Dashboard

After signing up for a free account with YesAdvertising, you will gain immediate access to the main dashboard. To approve your application, there is no need to wait around for someone and you do not have to wait for approval of the website. Everything is instant.

The dashboard provides links to the main navigation at the top eight. From the dashboard, you like how much payments are pending in other relevant information for your general information and the past seven days, including a performance report, a glance to your account.

I YesAdvertising so long as you meet the minimum threshold of $ 50, including PayPal and Payoneer The method, through a variety of weekly payments must be aware of here. This means that you can keep more of your income is going to increase cash flow.

Running ads and earn money

YesAdvertising an Affiliate Network, a CPC or CPM basis, so you will not be paid. Available through the network to offer a mix of CPA and CPL. Some of these may include a form to submit an application installation. Also a lot to offer, a variety of ad formats, including banners, text links come in the line and pop unders.

Browsing through the offers available is a similarly simple and robust. You can choose to search for something specific, or you can click one of the links above offer quick access to the offer, the new offer, or list features more campaigns. Also Organization, the career, dating, like games and mobile subscriptions, can sift through the various categories.

Creation and configuration of the way the system works is through the advertising zone. You simply put your website generate the code inserted in each region to determine the size and type.

As mentioned above, you need to fill in each zone, which offers advertising may choose to hand. Knowing exactly what you will be promoted into space, a unit can run, or you can select multiple offers that will automatically rotate through. The other option is specified, you can leave your zone “empty,” the system will take the campaign to pay for the best.

Payouts proposals advertisers and advertisers varies considerably. Looking through the catalog, I was as low as a penny, but saw the high payouts as $ 22. CPL / CPA only a part of the equation and you remember that you should really be focusing more on eCPM.

Increase your income

Are you tired of waiting around for payments and income to maximize your website you want to access a wide array of offers at a price can be YesAdvertising. Ads will automatically appear on the site without approval and a dedicated account manager to help you with anything you may need to be available 24/7. You really have to start now and you can start earning in the next five minutes.

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