Are you marketing your blog?

Blogger blog should not spend money on advertising around the blogosphere There is a myth that. They established bloggers advertising or other marketing strategies without spending a dime of thousands of dollars in monthly income earned on the success stories that affirm where it is established.

Apparently the story is out there when they do not reflect the status of the majority of bloggers. Successful bloggers to start blogging years ago, and they essentially created their own niche. Now a days it is crowded blogosphere. As a consequence of the quality of your blog’s content, much harder to stand out.

The marketing name of the game

To solve this problem is one of marketing. Most bloggers (if not stated clearly) is a marketing strategy, but they have no way to focus on their blog. In order to free your content marketing strategy, article directories, blogs, carnivals, social bookmarking sites and spread the word about the use of online forums, leaving comments in other blogs.

Why do bloggers who focus almost exclusively on free approach? They are free, just because you can say. That is true, but only partly true. The other half of the bloggers and other online publishers can create a marketing campaign that paid fail to perceive the value that is attached to.

It’s “Hey, why not invest $ 100 on your blog to advertise?” by saying. That is the question most people are elaborate, and the general answer is “No, thanks, I would rather use some free promotional method is”. We “Hey, why not invest $ 100 on your blog to advertise what is done? It will make for a value of $ 500!”? Now the more interesting. It is the second part of the sentence bloggers fail to realize, and the marketing that can create value beyond the initial investment is actually made.

Is the value of money

Please note that the value of money and I do not. You may end up generating publicity for the money it would bring not only advantages. That is the reason why people fail to understand the value. Coming from a marketing campaign all the benefits can not be measured in dollars. If you actively market your blog (some real and some intangible) to get to the bottom 5 may be a good idea to invest the money in the campaign, why, we hope they will clarify:

Traffic on the most used currency. We have a blog, an online forum or a business website traffic is to talk about the most important factors for success. Free promotional techniques can also bring solutions to traffic offers more consistent results. Hundreds of visitors for your web site will generate thousands of dollars. Regular readers will convert the traffic you have a good piece of content.

Direct income:
You will increase your monetization potential to increase traffic to your website. The people running the program like Google Adsense pay-per-click or pay per action affiliate programs with the promotional campaign will increase their income.

I PLAY I think when I think about Nike. Why? “Do it!”. Marketing campaign, you (the readers of a blog) to allow customers to provide a specific message. After three or four times to see the message, they will end up associating your product or message with the blog.

Marketing can invest money in various ways to improve the credibility of your blog. If you are spending money to promote your blog readers actually see that, then you are serious about it and you will know you are quite confident in the quality of the content. Secondly, when you promote your blog readers unconsciously honored the author of that website think that will boost your blog.

Indirect revenues:
traffic, brand awareness and credibility will also indirectly generate revenue for your blog. Potential sponsors or they could make it easier for the partnership agreement. Traffic in the conversion if they are regular readers of the campaign is concluded, even after your Adsense or affiliate programs will contribute to earnings.

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