10 Ways to Brand Your Blog or Website Efficiently

The latest report on the state of the blogosphere, Technorati blog they are tracking over 133 million claims. That is a freaking lot of them. If we take the website as well as the consideration of the standard, this number would be much larger. The result? Blogs and websites in virtually hundreds, if not thousands every niche on the web.

Also, a good percentage of the outstanding quality content to be just like you do, so you can bet that the competition is fierce.

In those situations, how do you stand out of the crowd and attract visitors to your blog or website, you can be sure?

In a word: branding.

Brick-and-mortar business, the importance of branding has been discovered decades ago, but it is a relatively new trend in the web (just five years ago, almost all the websites that you do not have a lot of).

We are 10 ways to brand your blog or website with the skills that are going to cover the bottom.

1. Having a clear purpose

You must have a crystal clear vision of the purpose of your website, and you will be able to communicate as well as in the audience. They will know why they are visiting your website. Why it is worth their time.

“I’m going to write about tech” is not going to cut it. What technology you are going to write about? Gadgets? Web 2.0? What are you going to do? instant message? Deep analysis? Where the value of your readers come from?

You will easily be able to answer these questions.

Your goal is to associate people to your website is an idea or thing. I say video, you are going to feel YouTube. Funny pictures of cats, if I say, I think you are going to have Bheezburger. I say small device, you are going to feel Engadget or Gizmodo.

You get the idea. Now you need to do this to your own website. It is not easy, and it takes time, but you should always keep in mind this principle.

2. The writing style is consistent with

Writing a blog or a website is part of the readers that one of the main parameters used to determine the overall quality of the site to make sure that there is a lot of research.

If you want if it’s the strength of your brand must be consistent with the style of your writing. Once aboard, you enter your personal experience bringing it does not matter, or you try to keep a more neutral tone, the important thing is to be consistent with it.

Often you want to read the Tech blog, I write to you, but just by looking at the type of the right, Mashable from a TechCrunch post, and I’m sure one will be able to tell? Branding is all about.

This point is particularly important blogs have multiple authors.

3. Sticking with your tagline

If you really catchy and descriptive one (the best websites on the internet you need some inspiration Taglines test) if it can help you come up with, although it is not mandatory to use a tagline.

The important thing, however, is that you stick with it. It’s got to stick in people’s heads. If you change your tagline every other day, people will remember it, and they might even get confused about it.

If you are going to use a tagline, then you may want to consider adding it to the website’s title tags. Reinforcing the message that you want to send these users, while the tagline of your site will ensure that the search engine will display.

4. invest the money in a good logo

Just like medieval castles have been identified by their flags, the website is marked by the logo. If you have limited money to spend on the design of the logo, make sure that your top priority.

These days, you (the more you spend the higher quality that you would get, though obviously) for as low as $ 100, you can get a good looking logo.

It is the first thing that visitors to pay attention, and usually it’s the image that will stick in their mind once they are gone, because the logo is important.

In addition, whenever people mention the blog on your website, your site will characterize the logo itself, even outside the place, meaning, as an illustration of the article, you need to consider the use of the logo. This article is an example of the image above.

5. Use a favicon

Most modern browsers so you should use them with this support, support. Adapt your logo, or to use the initials of your site, and try to put them favicon.

Hundreds of others will be able to more easily recognize your website, your users will appear in the Bookmarks section, because this support is important.

If you’re not sure how to create or implement favicon, you can read how to create a favicon.

6. Making the design to match the content

The content must match the overall look and feel of your design. If you plan to talk about the stock market, then it would be strange to have flowers in the background image, right?

Mark is going to be your main audience, and the design of their feelings and preferences. If you are going to write for professionals or older people, a traditional newspaper look likely to be a good choice. Your readers will be smaller, more colorful design can be used. And so on.

7. Color is compatible with

Choose a color palette, and make sure you stick with it. Very easy to remember the color and mood, so use this to your favor.

Footer and so on favicon, you can use the link to the primary colors. If you are going to create a web site for special pictures or badge, then they do not match the overall color pattern.

It is designed to give a face-lift with the year likely to be. You will still feel at home as long as in line with the color of the readers, penalties, and will keep your brand intact.

You can find more information about COLOURlovers color palette and advice.

8. social media using the name of your website

If you are going to use Twitter? FriendFeed? Facebook? If you are, you specifically for your web site can create an account for each of those services.

Social networks play a big trend, and that is probably one of the last. If you manage to get your site in the network, your brand will rejoice.

Here’s a good example: Michael Arrington is a web celebrity, but his name instead of creating social networking account, he always reinforcing its brand across those platforms, “TechCrunch,” made them.
9. advertising cost

It was not easy branding, the right advertising companies around the world spend billions of dollars each year?

Without spending money on advertising it is possible to create a strong brand, but of course you can reach this goal is simple and quick to promotional efforts.

If you do not have a big budget, then you can only launch during the first few months may consider spending the money. To kick start your brand, and work with the content and the process for using the money.

Paid advertising is an advantage if you can not deliver a specific message to a specific audience. If you purchase a banner on a popular blog, for example, that if you know who will fall, and you can tailor the sound to your readers pass your brand.

10. It spread everywhere

You will need to go inside the head of branding, which means, is psychological. Sometimes this will necessitate a numbers game. That means if you manage to give more exposure to your brand in front of our users, and it will stick with them, either.

Practically speaking, a different place, you can use the name and logo. Is linked to your e-mail signature. Write guest articles for popular blogs in your website name and byline. Online forums talk about your website. Buy advertising banners. Stamp with it and so your website logo tshirts.

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