13 Way to Promote Your Blog Offline

i like Aditya Mahesh’s recent guest post. We did some blogging blogger behind a computer you are used to thinking about. The “real” world and the “digital” world, and never the two shall meet. Our existing, real-world social networks to reach out to: Aditya post he missed the obvious but often underutilized promotion strategy in the area, although this myth debunks. Or about your blog, your friends, family and co-workers to simply say.

This may seem blindingly obvious, and in many ways it is. But fear, secrecy, or whether out of embarrassment, many bloggers keep their digital and real-life individual. I know I did, and still do a lot of times. For new bloggers, using existing social networks to dramatically, the first day will extend the reach of your blog. This helps to create a community to your valuable feedback, and will extend the reach of your blog.

So, how do you utilize your social network?

1. Start small.
At the beginning, to get feedback from trusted friends. Ask a trusted friend to give you honest feedback. When my brother and I started the violence, for the first three or four weeks, we asked five of our closest friends. They’re easy to read format pages that have helped us to provide feedback. We grabbed their attention and they are posted in the beginning and expert blogger for those pesky typos certain what the dog has not been found. Ours is one of the sounds pretentious language that you and your friends, you can tell. (Not all of the criticism it feels good, but it helps.)

2. Tell your friends and family.
First, I thought of my friends who want to be part of our community targeted emails and phone calls. If you are truly passionate about your subject, then I bet you a bunch of friends, too. But this is obvious, it is your Great Aunt Mable, or about your weird Uncle Ted? Indeed, the early 90’s hip-hop, they do not care about your new blog. Maybe, but maybe not. You never know who will be of interest to your blog, or your next need to be loyal reader.

3. Tell your co-workers and fellow enthusiasts.
However, the possibility of making money from blogging you have to write a blog, you blog about a hobby or area of interest. If you have friends in other areas; Take advantage of this. Surfing across your blog, then you talk to at the beach with surfers ride. They are interested in your blog if you do not, who will?

4. If you belong to the group and the group with the ad.
Do you belong to a fraternity or sorority? An industry group? A church with a newsletter? Send out announcements about your blog.

5. The goal of the recipients of your blog in the real world.
Tip number three is similar, in that you’ve never met before, who are interested in the goal of your blog is probably needed. Local restaurant reviews on your blog, then you know the restaurant to speak with the owners. Basically, your blog can communicate with people in the real world, where you have to tell them about it.

6.Guest Post asking friends.
The real benefits. It’s, you have to worry about writing a few posts to provide another voice to your website, and your friend’s social network will help expand your reach. The biggest advantage is that I’ve discovered another wonderful writer. My friend Matt Thailand / Burma border to contribute to a post about her experiences as an aid worker. It’s about, well written, meaningful, and a joy to read. We had not reached out, then he will not be sharing this story with us, and our blog will not be the same.

7. Ask your friends to comment.
Nothing is sadder than a blog post with comments. People want to blog with the community. Our blog, though small, has one. New people come to our blog, they feel like they are the only one without comment, feel free to comment. (Although we are still struggling with this for some time, to be clear.)

8. Facebook / MySpace / LinkedIn and invite your friends.
I do not why I invite them to our blog, Facebook has 300 friends? The more interesting thing is that I have not talked to in a long time, connecting with friends and conversation and relationship with them has been re-introduced. If you use it, there is already a social network.

9. Are you in real life, tell them to meet.
This seems obvious, but in the beginning it was difficult for me, and it still is. It’s “I have a blog.”, Put yourself out there and it’s hard to feel pretentious. Or you can fill out a new reader who, but again, you do not know. I was in a hostel in Munich is one of the three in the morning to meet our most loyal readers. A tip: Order a business card. They are practical, inexpensive and will help to give you an opening.

10. Business Cards

For anyone to take you seriously, you need to have a business card. Bloggers are not exempt. Having a business card of the day-to-day lives of your blogging activity is a great way to introduce people to meet. Business card, the card with the purchase very inexpensive, costing less than 1 percent each.

11. Industry Events

A great way to promote your blog in your niche in the industry are expected to attend the event. This means that you are interested in the subject matter with a number of individuals who will be able to share your blog. Find your niche is a great way to connect with the authorities. The idea is to create a business card reader and potential partners, and other swag (t-shirts, pens, etc.), be sure to bring.

12. newspaper and local publications

The newspaper may be a dying art, they are still very well respected and having your blog Daily News covered a fantastic free way to build online credibility. It may be a little difficult to get to the Wall Street Journal picked up the story, but you should fare better with more local papers. Your blog and create a unique story angle, along with e-mail it to journalists in a press release. In addition, the media published a story line with a direct link to your blog means that stories,

13. Readers meet up

If you have a substantial base of local readers or live in a large city, readers and people interested in your niche to hold a public gathering. It’s just a casual get together to talk about art does not have to be something more. This new local readers in your community and it’s a great way to strengthen the bond. Such as a restaurant, coffee shop, or even as a park or a more local and convenient location in your home can choose to make this meeting.

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