3 New Ways to Market Your Blog

If you sell your blog and pages with a lot of leverage to pull the man like Daniel, but not of you all have a lot of leverage to your blog and product marketing. Creative way to get people interested in what you make out.

If you have an event you do whatever you need to do this. If your blog is going to a new country, you just write a blog post and you can not tell people not to have a book. Well, you can, but you can not sell that would be amazing.

If you want to talk to some people this is going to do whatever you need to. I love the cover design for their country and vote for their favorite cover of letting their audience is one of the tricks have been used. The idea is an old one, but not enough bloggers to use it. Get people involved with the product and they will feel more attachment.
my story

I tried to turn the bombing of an e-course. Well it’s not a bomb, but I’d be the success that it was. It is to overcome fear and makes you happy, that was about how to create a business. Great topic, right? For some reason, a lot of good reasons, the product is not gained traction.
In this post I’m going to give you the advice that has been used. I did not create a build up before any launch. I did not do anything fun during launch. The launch was over, I did not do anything funny.

See a pattern?
I was a fool launch.
When you are marketing your blog and the product, otherwise you will not get you excited about the people, things that are fun and interesting.
Here are 3 ways to market products that are new to your blog and the fun involved and the level of your tribe:

1. Twitter Teams

The whole idea, to gather twitter win prizes, and learn about the people you are cool products. It’s your social media presence as well as a wonderful marketing tool, because it is better to build the connection.

I throw him a party to me, asking if I mess around a bestselling author Michael Port Twitter as a way to throw parties and have some fun. He even had to explain my whole idea, he loved the idea. We threw a party for her audience and it was a fantastic success.

Marketing is not the conventional way, because I love Twitter because of the party. If you create an event to give away some prizes, have some fun, and to build deeper connections with people. It’s so much more fun and much more engaging than buying ads on Facebook.

Everyone wins. Meet new people who participate and win prizes. What you need are customers who want to gain new followers.

2. Facebook Photo Contest Giveaway

Facebook is one of the more difficult social media tools. It is a little difficult to build a relationship with a stranger to connect with friends, that’s great, but.
Your Facebook giveaways, should be the smallest. Very grand and you win a prize like an iPad and you just end up with a bunch of people that do not care about.

Gretchen Rubin distributed copies of his book, The Happiness Project. It also hopes to encourage them to join the fans who satisfy fans and a way to reward people who were already fans. He’s very sweet of her and the target audience in order to gain a deeper connection and used it as a tool, because it works for Gretchen and she did not care about getting the people.

If you really are away from your blog with something that fits in line with its business plan with the people you have to look at how you can build a little more confidence. If you have something that fits your audience, then you are guaranteed a fun event giveaway. They can post a picture that relates to your product. Social Media Examiner Michael did this with the launch of his book. It’s a great way to get people talking to each other and to share. You can not do it all and you need to support each other in your tribe.

3. Promotion of the exchange offer your superpower

I know this is an old technique, but social media has added a new twist to this strong, because I have found it here.

If you want other bloggers have superpowers. If you no longer need to share power with a large audience of bloggers. The idea is to create a winning situation for both of you.

I’m just your copywriting services of JD GetRichSlowly.org’s talking about and he can not hope to link with you. Another blogger, I want to create something that would be an event. You can create something that helps them to get exposure.

Let’s say you are a copywriter. If you make the rules, so not a fun way that gets people talking.

Post a guest blogger gets bigger, his readers to win a prize and you get to show your authority copywriting. It is much more than just help you become a blogger. It’s a win-win-win.
Your turn

I do not know all the tricks and I have some really cool ways to market their blogs and there are a lot of people who have used this smart bet with the audience. Share it with us.

New ways to grow your blog and other bloggers have been used to encourage the sale of products that do not know about?

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