10 Proven Ways to Generate Website Traffic

There are hundreds of ways to generate traffic to the website, but in this article I want to cover some of the basic techniques.

This is the way that I’ve used in my business, and I know from personal experience that they work.

In the end, this is a blog that will be with you for years to come and Business Building.

After a few months to get slapped by Google that this strategy is not about a quick fix.

So we’ll jump in the way?

1. blogging

One of the first to blog in exchange for a link back to your site, which means that to write articles for other blogs and websites to blogging.

I Thousands of customers have used the tactic to build up my blog. I’ve built a business around writing for others.

You can find guest blogging opportunities you have already read the blog and check out, or go to your favorite search engine and type in: “” write for us “niche +”

2. Forum

The next way is to generate traffic to the forum.

This is the big forums in your niche, and start contributing. Do not promote your own website. Your values and to be helpful.

So how do people find your site?

You are just like an email signature, the signature of your posts below you, a link and a call to action.

Some forums will be signed, so you do not have to register for the forum is not guaranteed.

3. Comment on the blog

Then we have to comment on the blog.

Blog commenting is not the best way to generate traffic to the website, but it is still working on getting more traffic to your site.

Comment on the blog is a great advantage that it does not help you to connect with the site owner. If you have comments on dozens of blogs, people everywhere will see you, and they’ll get curious.

4. Article Marketing

Article marketing I have over the years used to build up multiple streams of passive income.

It’s easy, because I, like blogging, but you’re not ready to write for blogs with thousands of readers, then I suggest you look at article marketing.

When I do the marketing articles, I write only for EzineArticles.com. EzineArticles gives the best bang for my time, because I do not bother to submit to hundreds of directories.

5. Interviews

If you start growing your blog, and especially when you have to interview before, that if you can show people that you know what you’re talking about.

Interviews are great for a wide range of links to your blog and building your reach.

This tactic is more for bloggers who already have a following. We have carved out the best in you, but you can make it work for Beginners.

6. Podcast

Start your own podcast is a great way to expand your reach. I just started to mine very long ago, and the response has been fantastic.

Competing against each other at the time of writing this blog, but I have noticed that there are only a few hundred podcasts.

And depending on which market you’re in, the number will vary.

Conducting a podcast scary for most people, so they do not do it. You can push your comfort zone and do the other things, you will stand out.

And if you need to generate traffic to your blog.

7. Video Tutorials

If you want to take things even further, you can start to create videos.

You do not have to be in front of the camera. If you have PowerPoint, or Keynote, or Screenflow such as Camtasia for Mac, PC, and the use of presentation software could record your screen.

As long as you keep even more people interested in placing some slides or visual, video podcasts you can repurpose.

8. Free Course

Another way to generate traffic to the website is to create a free course.

Yes, you can give away a course. If you make it before you do anything, make sure Keyword Research. You have free use of the word in the title, then choose a word for that rank.

Of course, when you link these people will help you space. The goal of the course is so good that people want to spread it to.

9. The right SEO

You can not forget the proper SEO. Both on site and off site, I’m talking about.

Use keywords to use in your market. When you are writing articles to compete for the podcast, and pick the ones that you can upload videos.

Google has made a lot of changes, but SEO is not dead. Google is the content of the site, to help them find yours.

And make it easier for the search engines in mind. Then you get people to share your content using relevant keywords, and so on.

10. Hard Work

It can generate more traffic to their website or blog, most people when it comes to solving techniques quickly look for.

I’ve learned over the years to have something to run an online business, but that this takes hard work.

If you are willing to put in more work, the more traffic you will generate.

I am living proof of this. I did not succeed with the latest techniques. Instead, I slowly made my online business up.

And today I want when I want and where I want to do what we can. I’d like to have freedom. I have control of my time.

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