Earning Your Site with Online Games

Digital games have become one of the largest internet activities. In fact, both the iOS App Store and Google Play, the biggest driver of foreign currency earnings. This increase is even a whole industry of mobile gaming demographics and spending habits have changed. Women 52%, gamers know?

Candy Crush user base of 21 to 35 years old, 42% and 40% of these players with over 35 years old, 60% are female. However, many bloggers from the advertisers or advertising dollars in the earning opportunities that digital games have not capitalized.

A huge shift in the demographics of the audience monetization and therefore many of them will be able to maximize their revenue potential, has created a huge opportunity for bloggers.

Digital games are an effective way of making money from your traffic. Instructions on how to work with each of the bottom, a very effective way to do this is a list of 3.

1. Your site is an online portal.

An online portal users can view a list of games that you can play them in an area of your website. Your site is an online portal where users can spend more time helping to convert the site into a hub, it’s a great way to engage your users.

A selection of popular and is known to increase the repeat visitors and to engage more users, which translates into higher advertising revenue will help. The same user will be visited more frequently, as well as your original content.

2. placed the game in your article.

There are many advantages in the game, inserting an article to your site. In exchange for a free game of your users, you can display the video pre-roll ads. Typically, a video ad is a banner ad you will earn a multiple of 5 times the CPM, so this contributed immensely to the growth of your eRPM, which is a very monetizeable ad unit.

In addition, users can play games on the duration of their time and your average user will increase. Click on the Google Adsense ads on your site as this will increase your chances other. High ad clicks and a combination of both high eCPM ad units to your overall RPM- can make a large impact.

There are 3 options to embed a game in your site. You can custom build, you can play or white labels. It can be played across all devices, as this game is important to get a HTML5. Each game will cost you around $ 10K for a custom-built to get a game. To acquire a license for a single site license, which is usually around $ 999 to the cost. White label is a game that you would like to pay as you go, pay a usage basis, or a revenue share of advertising revenue generated.

Developing a custom-expensive game, but a very large publisher like Yahoo could be a good solution. It requires a lot of time and technical expertise. As a white label provider on the basis of revenue share such AddPlay free to use and is usually the best option for bloggers, which is profitable from day 1.

3. Free users and generate traffic.

Social media sites like Facebook are used by most people for entertainment. These entertainment sites get lots of traffic from Facebook, which is why a lot of entertainment for any type of content, makes for a great fit to engage users.

If you have an online portal, not only within your existing followers, you can run your site, but you can also post your social channels to engage with a new audience. A percentage of these new users to read the contents of the original onto your help generate new users, therefore, and will increase your advertising revenue.

You have to monetize your site with digital games? This strategy, which has worked well for you, or you will be the most interesting?

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