How to use Maps To Make Your Blog More Visual

You often talk about or even if you are planning to host events that promote blog posts. Events are one or more areas can be changed, but the location is usually a big factor in both cases. Maple You may or may not have heard, but this kind of blog is up your alley, then you probably should be.

Also, in the right places and positions that have to do with the content of an issue or can be discussed.

Nowadays (and often in the olden days), readers gravitate towards visual content on the content of the text. Blog posts, means that any content you want and all the more visual information, and less ‘text’ is to be.

But to achieve this, you need visual tools for this are super-fit, and that’s clearly the subject of your discussion with Über engage people.

Maple is designed for just that. Mapme location and theme of segmenting, and in a very simple way to personalize the “smart” maps gathers the content.

How it works:

A. I think that the idea of a map of your blog posts engagement factor would.

B. Sign up for Mapme of the map.

C. 3-level to start the process: Create a map of the border of the map (zoom in on the map by default) to choose different places to choose more. You can go back and change whenever, in which all of a name, icon, and color, with their labels.

D. Maps on your blog, or where people want to build.

Other cool features that users can take on:

Those who are directly interested in and you can add map location, so that the map content to Crowdsourced -Opt. Before you can add to the moderate position.

Make your maps available for the review, in a community forum and a knowledge base map / guide.
URL, phone number, logo, e-mail, etc. You can choose which data fields you want to hide or display with each place

Do not forget to share your map!

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