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You just know that you forgot to proofread and typos that slipped through, how many times a post is published? You can include links, you use the wrong keywords, or that you forgot about when the title of the post is to optimize the crash?

As you can see, there is a “Publish” button, you should check before hitting the lot, and most of us forget about them. I should check before you publish your post with a list of things “, blog posts checklist” That is why we decided to create. Especially (the “killer article” calls) on you once in a while those long, linkbait articles type will find it useful.

Below you’ll find a description of the check, but also print and on your computer, you can download a PDF version of the fix.

1. After writing this post, I have not read it?

Common sense as it sounds, most people, they just wrote before publishing it, do not read it. If you read your article as an integral part, if not the whole thing makes sense if you are paragraphs and sentences in the correct order, and if the argument is hard ,, so I can not say, because it’s a mistake.

Before anything else, so, you just read it from the bottom writes.

2. Post-it could be as complete?

You can generate as much traffic as possible and want to get backlinks as much as possible, then you are in your post as it may be necessary to make sure. If the check is complete, you can add more sections and explain whether or not you should be able to determine.

For example, if you are a software review can be written, and is focused on software features of your post. What about the installation process? What about the compatibility of the software with other programs? This post is more valuable to potential readers, allowing you to include all aspects. If you want to read more about these 10 tips to write popular posts.

3. I have studied about keywords?

Keywords (virtually, and Web) search engine rules. If you want to increase your traffic by using most of the people will be able to use the same keywords. First of all, because this will make it easier to understand your post. It will help with search engine optimization, because any other.

For example, you could write a post about gaming notebook. But “gaming notebook” or “the laptops” should call? After using the Google AdWords keyword tool “gaming laptop” are searched by over 60,000 people, while the term “notebook”, by 8,000 people each month that are searching to find. This means that the latter is much more widespread, and you probably have to go with it.

4. I have carefully craft what title?

The most important part of the title of your post. Even more important than the body of the post itself, the title grabs the attention of visitors, however, because they do not have to read the post.

First of all, make sure your title has an emotional hook. For example, if you (for example, “100 Ninja into a PSD Photoshop Tutorial”) is excited to offer something of great value to the reader, or you (for example, “5 Things Chuck Norris made a remarkable statement by the curious reader can find)” marketing you can teach.

Secondly, as this will help with search engine optimization, use keywords as the title of your post.

5. What I proofread it?

I sense you already know and have read the article in the correct order to make sure that once you know the post. However, if you can proofread it, to read it once more.

This time the focus on grammar and spelling mistakes spotting. Here are a couple of tricks you can use for this purpose: back to read your article or read out loud. Both of these methods make it easier to spot mistakes, which will allow you to focus on a single word.

6. I have connected to my old post, one or more pages?

Links to your blog posts in both human visitors and search bots is a practice that helps. It is perhaps complementing or expanding on the information they have just read, explore your archive because it helps human visitors. It lets them crawl your site more efficiently, because it helps the search bots, and it’s their (the link anchor text) to help you understand the content.

Before you post, you can link it will take some time to find the old posts.

7. Links to external resources do I fit?

Do not be afraid to link to external websites. You will not lose the PR, and you will not lose readers.

Your content is solid, then you will only be enriched by links to relevant external resources. For example, a special tool for your post you mention it, the link on this page. Readers may not be familiar with the term that refers to a respective link to the Wikipedia entry.

8. I was sure all the links work?

// Title: This is a break link All it takes is a letter, to the exclusion of a point, or to add an additional HTTP. For example, you write, you are not going to work like // Http: you enter HTTP Similarly, if you are not going to work like // The impact on the user experience, but significant. You can specify your viewers click on a link and can not find the website if they get frustrated.

Post your blogging software “Preview” feature and they work to ensure that the correct URL is pointing to the link before publication.

9. Can I have used the credit to the source?

Inspired by reading some of your posts, you are somewhere else, then it’s credit. If you come from a particular website or blog use that information in the same way, specify and confirm the link. It will be clear with the original author, and it will be able to track where they are coming from all, will be useful for your readers.

This one is inspired to write a post on your blog post by Darren Rowse, had 13 questions to ask before publishing. While I was reading it back in 2015, I finally decided to write about it until my own time, the most likely, in my head kept wandering.

10. I’ve included an enticing image?

A picture is worth a thousand words, why not use one of your post? Image to entice people to read the rest of your post is a great way for. They are search engine optimization, you can help and bring some traffic from Google Image Search.

I use the image of the sources of where to find images for your blog posts.

11. I do to optimize the Mystery?

Most production platforms and software that allow you to edit on each post permalink. Summary of your permalinks, and they contain your main keyword should make sure that you use this feature.

Apart from making cleaner Mystery look, this will also help with your search engine optimization and Google and you’ll get from the company to increase the amount of traffic.

12. I want to add one or more elements to engage readers?

Every blog owner to try to build a community around the blog, and readers engaging with your content should be one of the best strategy to achieve this.

Practically in a poll, you can ask a question to the end of the post, to make a call to action in response to your post and use them directly.

13. This is a good day for traffic?

You have written a masterpiece, even if you put it on a Sunday, you will get the best possible results. The best days for traffic Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are. But be sure to track your traffic numbers, so you can be sure of good for your blog.

Second, keep an eye on the international holidays. If you live in the UK, for example, if you check the dates on the list of US federal holidays should avoid publishing any article on your killer.

Over readers: If you would like to add something to this checklist?

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