How to choose a blog name

When choosing the name of a blog to follow three simple rules:

1) It must describe your blog: It’s actually a lot of people), for example, the search engine (having a chance to read it before you’ll see a link to your blog’s potential. Just by looking at the name, they will be more likely to see it, you can figure out what to blog about , guess what.

2) It will be easy to remember: general cycling, fitness and health advice to estimate your blogs. Naming it “cycling, fitness and general health advice blog” A ?? Will give a complete description of the blog, but it will be easier to remember? Stick to simple names.

3) it must be equal to the domain name: this is not yet registered in the often difficult task of finding a suitable domain, perhaps because people are ignored. If you’re still in your domain name does not match the name of the blog along the way, you probably will lose some readers. When people visit your blog with a link to the blog, they just have to read the names. If they decide to visit the site a few days later, they just type the name that will be followed by a dot-com. If they can not find your blog, they will just go somewhere else once entered.

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