7 Ways to Promote your Site with a Bit of Money

Some time ago I was an article titled, “you are marketing your blog?” ‘I should not spend money on advertising that bloggers and webmasters around the internet there is a common idea that logic. The myth of advertising or other publicity strategies without spending a dime of the success stories of people from the popular website comes in large quantities.

That is why they became popular without spending money on advertising on the websites of the most successful pioneers in their niche, hence, was not. Now a day the market is crowded and you have even a small portion of the website and blog. Consequently, the promotional strategy is becoming an important factor in any successful marketing strategy.

Below you promote your website or blog with a bit of money to get the 7 way. You generate raw traffic to improve your search engine rankings, so you can use them in your niche to gain visibility. Despite the initial investment will pay off on the strategy of short-term. Waiting for you to make money with your website, then you are right, and some do not need to spend is no reason to assume?

1. AdWords: Google’s AdSense combo AdWords– millions of dollars each year. Why is that? Because they have to work. AdWords is probably the most effective method for your web site traffic generated raw. So you create an account with your site and $ 0.01 related to the pay-per-click keywords that rates are set (by lots I mean hundreds if not thousands) should be added to the beginning of. After that increase the rate by $ 0.01 per week or so until you start getting the desired amount of daily clicks. Low bid keywords “inactive for search” noticed that the report will be. Do not worry about it, it’s just your notice Search Network (Google search results) will not appear on, but the content network (AdSense sites of people) will be displayed.

2. Site-specific Edwards: You will see that there is a link titled AdSense units, most of them pay attention to the “advertising on this site”. This feature appears only on certain sites that AdWords advertisers to create customized advertising. CPM ads over who would rather work with a CPC (cost per click) than (cost per 1000 impressions) basis, but will not show ads, and where will you be in control, since they can generate a good amount of targeted traffic messages. Advertising design when you can get better results if you use some creativity,

3. Better Ads: Thanks to the users using a browser toolbar that allows you to find a great website is a very innovative social bookmarking sites. Users “stumble” on the top of a website when he delivered the same results will be positive. He also visited the users of any website on the Internet is able to assess the positive and negative. Comments are also those “Stumblers” of your website where you can directly comment on the notification, the advertising campaign, are available. It delivers cost of $ 0.05 per page, but the comments that appear on websites generally have a high quality, since that part of it is very likely that the traffic will convert into regular readers.

4. Text Link Ads: Text Link Ads is something you should consider buying leverage organic traffic if you’re trying to increase your search engine rankings. Although the text links can generate traffic directly linked to the biggest advantage is authentic and relevant, especially if placed on the website to improve your search rankings. Text-Link-Ads and Text Link Brokers or online forums like Digital Point’s market place there are several places to buy text links, including the specialized companies.

5. Direct Sales Banners: Banners advertising or sponsorship plans sold directly to one of the most established websites. The number of ad impressions, regardless of the institutions generally, weekly or monthly fee consist of or clicks that you receive. Despite this characteristic, with the exception of the placement of a banner that will create the visibility and brand awareness to direct traffic can represent good value for money. You will be attached to the message on the banner to your site or blog where your banner will be displayed on the website readers. Two or three times the banner or message that they should come and get to know what they decide to check out what the buzz is all about the game will be very likely. Another advantage is that people unconsciously website banner placements author is that your content or product presentation that will be remembered.

6. sponsored review of some sponsored reviews is a good way to kick-start a website. They backlinks, traffic and RSS subscribers will bring. The “word of mouth” is the most effective way to capture the attention of people to make sure that it is a lot of market research, and that is exactly what you get with a sponsored review. You get a large number of small sites reviews (sometimes as little as $ 5 per review), or you can pay a low price (for a single review which can charge several hundred dollars), the authorities in your niche that you can focus on the big players. The best way to purchase sponsored reviews SponsoredReviews.com, ReviewMe or PayPerPost.com through the site.

7. Blog Network: Founded around a different blog network traffic exchange policy. You earn credits by surfing blogs and other members of the blog is for you to create an account. Then you have people visit your blog or around the network can use those credits to display your banner. Most users who are part of the interesting blog network that can be purchased with money, credit, and the price is really convenient. You can get hundreds of visitors to or less than $ 10 per thousand banner impressions. Some of the blog network that sells the credit explosion, Blog Soldiers blogs and blogs in advance.

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