9 Blog Hacks to Help Show Readers Your Best Stuff

From January to March, in the middle of your killer, you are letting languish in the archives? You will see how many great posts that have been published in the new visitors in the past month?

For the reader’s content to your blog, so it is important to show them directly to your offer.

I hope your recent posts should go some way towards doing this, but they alone can change depending on the short-term effort put into building your blog to. This post new (and regular) visitors to your blog that you can use to show the best of the 9 blogs are hacked.

1. Introduce highlighted content. This is so the reader favorite, popular posts, most of the comments posted to a list, and so on. Most bloggers’ Popular Posts “widget to handle this. It looks as new visitors to your site is worth exploring why it is one of the most important elements in your sidebar.

2. Take control of your highlighted content. The bloggers ‘Popular Posts’ handle with a plug-in, even though there are lots of benefits to doing it manually. If you want to highlight and select the post and can mix new and old content. If you’ve got a guest post on another blog, or one of your posts on social media makes it big, then you ‘Popular Posts’ Incoming can tailor to suit the audience.

3. unmissable highlights the content. Post your list in your sidebar killer probably more useful and attractive to new viewers than anything else. To find a suitable place at the top of your sidebar, right under your feed button. You can do your placement may be more inventive, but want to keep it above the fold.

4. Use the images to draw attention to your best posts. Pictures are the epitome of eye contact. Rather than displaying text links to post your best, why not create an image for them? I use the techniques I have my own blog to post the image to a medium-sized buttons, and the title is to add text over the image. It’s a lot of readers seem to enjoy interacting with something, and it adds visual interest to blog some more.

5. Highlight your content changes regularly. Do not forget about the regular readers of the highlights of the content. Your list is static, then the viewer to engage with it and once they’ve seen everything it has to offer, it will be forgotten.

If you regularly change your posts highlighting the new and old visitors to engage with the content you’ve highlighted to give a reason. As suggested above, the advantage of using the bright image of your content, you have added or subtracted from the list of items when it is not immediately clear.

6. When they have finished reading to the readers to go somewhere. A lot of bloggers ‘Related Post’ plug-in, the plug-in and I did not like that, I suspect that it suffers somewhat from the outside of the post content. First, feed readers do not miss it. Secondly, once they’ve finished an article, readers turn down the level of their attention. Explore related content to readers in a way to ensure that is to say it is the end of your article. For example:

Interested in this topic? According to another article I’ve written you can enjoy …

They ‘Reading Mode’ and you’re still having devoted maximum attention to the words, add your article readers will catch advice. However, I’ve written directly related to the topic of this only when you’re using some of the recommendations. Your recommendation was spot-on, the reader will be in the future, you are likely to hear other recommendations.

7. As you weave the internal links in your posts targeted. This can be done badly, or it can be done well. A good link you’re creating a hyperlink that is highly relevant keywords. (If you’ve written an article on the same topic, the word ‘transparency of the text, links, for example) Linking a certain match will be appreciated by your readers. It is not clear where the link will be, because (‘blogging’, or ‘making money’ like) Linking the fuzzy sound is not good usability.

8. Mix the post with links to related posts. To draw the readers in your blog posts dedicated to the great content is a great way to catch up. You posted in the last month, a desired, or that the most popular posts on a specific topic. Lifehacker as you are, at this time last year, the highlight of the post, or on the first day of your blog can list some undiscovered gems.

9. Readers Give your blog a birds-eye view. One has to give it to your archive page from your blog readers with a top-down perspective to present the perfect opportunity to see. SRG- clean Archive plug-in sub-headings for each month under the title presents all your posts, and comment on each of the count. They’re interested readers to browse through the titles that you can explore.

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