50 Simple Ways to Gain RSS Subscribers

Most bloggers love their RSS readers. Not only that, but that they had received new RSS readers. You wake up one day and your FeedBurner Count the 200 or 300, when it is such a pleasure to see that jumped by?

RSS is the way to gain

Though quite rare in those days, and most people have a hard time consistently achieved even seem to have a small number of new RSS subscribers.

Is there anything you can do about it? RSS is a way to attract customers more efficiently?

To be sure. Many people wrote about this issue in the past, but I wanted to give my take on. They are as short as possible, the 50 things I wrote down on my head. Enjoy.

1. Have a big RSS icon. People are lazy. You always need to keep in mind. If you use a little RSS icon, visitors may have a problem finding it. Most people give up after only a few seconds, so be sure to make RSS icons are large and easily recognizable.

2. RSS icon will appear above the fold. Apart from the use of a large RSS icon, you will need to make sure that it is above the fold. Where one of the blogs that you want to subscribe to the people they look, so go with the flow that is used.

3. RSS icon will be displayed on every page of your blog. When I started blogging, I did this wrong. Only my homepage used to have an RSS icon …. As soon as I add it to each page of the blog, the number of subscribers jumped.

4. word. Just use an RSS icon, depending on your audience may not be effective. They’re not tech-savvy, they may not know what that little orange thing. In that case, you have to keep them updated with your posts and therefore can write a short message explaining that subscribing.

5. Write a post asking people to subscribe to. Ever, “Ask and you shall receive |” Heard? This principle works in most areas of our lives. Blogging is no exception. If you want people to subscribe to your feed, ask them! Write a post about it, and you have to give them some reason to see how they respond.

6. FeedSmith use plugins. If you do not have a lot of code redirects your blog, readers still will be able to subscribe to different RSS feeds provided by WordPress. This plug-in to track and control how your feed is formatted so that all your customers, FeedBurner will ensure that the feed will be forwarded.

7. Email subscription offer. Like it or not, only a small percentage of Internet users know about or use RSS feeds. Studies have shown that this number is down to 10% of the world to ensure that. Why do you want to miss the other 90%? If you use Feedburner, you just activate your email subscription “campaign” will go to the tab.

8. Use an e-mail subscription form. For most bloggers, an email subscription form is a simple “Subscribe by email” link to convert better. Internet users in the form of those around them, can be used to type the email address, because there are quite intuitive. A good spot in the same place at the top of your sidebar.

9. To encourage readers to subscribe to the bottom of every post. In addition, an RSS icon and email subscription form above the fold to stay, it is important to place them at the bottom of every single post. Why? The exact reason for people to read your article, they look for something to do next, and to be a good option to subscribe to your blog. In addition, if they read the article, it was really good, and the future of your article, subscribe to receive more they have the right mindset.

10. few steps as possible. People (I mentioned it before, I know, but it is worth re-emphasizing) idle. Well, for them to subscribe to your blog is a necessary step. Decreases in the number of clicks, then, do it!

11. Use the icons on the subscription offer the most popular RSS readers. To subscribe to your feed, you can decrease the number of steps required for a practical thing (for example, “on politics subscriptions”, “Google Reader” Add or) RSS reader specific icons are used. Analysis of the most common RSS readers among your subscribers and add those icons to the sidebar.

12. There is a clear focus on your blog. 10 different topics to write about, it will be difficult to convince people to subscribe to your blog. … They might like your articles about technology, but they are the ones that hate will clean house. A clear focus is one of the most effective ways to attract customers.

13. frequently and consistently publish new posts. Often I post every week or even every day means a lot, and consistently sticking with the frequency that I mean religious. The two factors that enable viewers to interact with your blog, and subscribe to the RSS feed to stay updated with the fact it may be the best way.

14. The Government have not dropped. Many posts per week or per day is usually a good thing, though, it has a limit. Many people of a certain blog starts overwhelming them with dozens of new posts a day, they will just mention unsubscribe. The exception to this rule is fast-paced niches like gadget news on the blog.

15. Write valuable content. They can derive some value from it if people will subscribe to your RSS feed. This value depends on your audience might come from different factors: the deep analysis of your writing, or you can say so, and the funny things that may come from breaking news to you, but it will be.

16. Write unique content. Are you content to be valuable, but people can get it elsewhere, then they have no reason to subscribe to your RSS feed. For example, if you assume that the copy of all the posts from popular blogs on your niche, Lifehacker says. The content can still be valuable to you, but it does not have to be unique, and most people would end up subscribing to the original source.

17. traveling or do not go off topic. As we have suggested before, there is a clear focus on your blog, readers will subscribe to a very specific reason. If you start off by writing about the stuff, it’s a big part of them will bother. The fact that some of your readers to unsubscribe, just as it is a bad or unrelated post, post that is worse than any consideration at all.

18 comments on other blogs to link to your RSS feed. Many bloggers have the habit of commenting on other people’s blogs. It’s not something we can simply join the conversation. Others promote their own blogs and want to generate some traffic, because. In both cases, you can (if you use Feedburner, they will be able to see your content anyway) to encourage people to subscribe to your feed instead of the website will be linked to your RSS feed.

19. Run a contest. The contest is very popular in the blogosphere. If you have a somewhat popular blog, in fact, it is not difficult to raise the stakes and made. The need to participate in making your RSS feed, you can quickly increase the number of subscribers. If you want to control who is going to take this step, use e-mail subscription system.

20. Random awarded for your customers. If you’re not a fan of contests and competitions, then you can always give away random prizes to entice you to subscribe to the RSS feed. Free copies of some of the company’s products to you for giving, for example, you can turn it to your customers to donate

21. Write guest posts. Guest Post brand awareness and generating traffic for both represent a very efficient technique. Guest blog a popular blog in the same niche, then that’s a good percentage of incoming traffic to subscribe to your feed will have a good chance.

22. Welcome new readers. You can specify on a large website or mainstream when you really manage to land a guest post on a popular blog, or whenever, it is the readers who might be a good idea to write a specific post. Briefly describe your blog to talk a little bit about yourself, and be encouraged to subscribe to that post.

23. Go to the most popular social bookmarking site. Some people value social bookmarking site traffic (for example, E and comments) to be coming from very low. Visitors who rarely (including subscribe link) you need to click on something on the page, because this is true to some extent. Because of the sheer amount of traffic that you can find on this site, however, even without a really small conversion rate of 200 or 300 new customers in a matter of 24 hours, it could mean.

RSS 24. Explain to your readers. As we mentioned before, it is popular or the use of less than 10% are estimated to RSS feeds. What can you do about this? You can make sure that! RSS is why it is good, you write a post teaching your readers, and how they can start using it. It is a non-tech-savvy audience works especially well on blogs.

25. With all the information and links to a special “Subscribe” pages. RSS readers about the teaching of writing in a specific post, you can use the RSS feed, and links to all subscriptions, badges, and briefly explain how to write e-mail form, where your blog is a special “Subscribe” page can create. Then the “Subscription Options” or including a link that will tell you, you can link to that page from the sidebar on “Subscribe.”

26. convert visitors into customers create a landing page on your blog. If you are going to purchase some banners or other types of advertising, it is quite possible the best way to create a landing page for visitors who are recommended to receive. Describe your blog to highlight your best content, and to ask them to subscribe to the page. When doing guest blogging, you can use this page as well as links byline.

27. PPC traffic by using the Send page. Pay-per-click advertising, like Google AdWords, targeted traffic to your site is one of the cheapest ways. You start to get visitors for as low as $ 0.01 each (this is calculated from Edwards) that you receive based on the quality score. $ 100, with, you can send up to 10,000 visitors on your landing page. With a 1% conversion rate will mean 100 new customers.

28. Write an ebook and download it for free so that you can ask people to subscribe to. Whether you like them or not, a part of the Internet. Many people write them, and many download and read them. Content and promotions that are built well, then you have thousands of people wanting to read your own. Before they can download it if you need to subscribe first to the people? A heck of a lot of new customers that will bring.

29. Aweber starts with an e-mail newsletter. An email newsletter can be used to complement the content of the blog. Some additional tips, tools and, with your inner picture of your niche for customers who send a weekly e-mail. If you choose to Aweber for your newsletter, you can (they will receive a weekly summary of your feeds) in RSS readers, newsletter subscribers, who in turn “Broadcast Groups” feature can use.

30. offers a full feed. Your goal is to have as many customers as possible, then the only way to offer a full RSS feed. Many people are bothered by the partial feed, and that does not discourage them from subscribing in the first, even if it can not delete them before long.

31. clutter your website with notification. The point list of fun / weird In addition, and I do not recommend it to anyone. Although I did not invent this, and I saw some people talking about it in the past. The concept is simple: You flashy and intrusive advertising your website with a lot of noise, but anyway there are top-quality content, some people just avoid the confusion that can get a passion to subscribe to your RSS feed ….

32. The notice does not mess with your RSS feed. Just as many ads on your site, people can unsubscribe your RSS feed, you can scare away many ads or visitors badge or link.

33. Use social proof. The place is packed with people, or it was empty, because one does not write, because ever entered a restaurant? Social proof that action. If you are already a good number of RSS subscribers, if you use FeedBurner feed Count Widgets can display it on your site, (I would say over 500). This may be motivated to give your RSS feed in a shot.

Breaking news delivered to 34. RSS feeds are updated frequently with information that you care about the most effective way to keep in touch with one of the sites. You have to break some news, or (Stock Market Alerts), manage to offer frequent updates on popular topics, you will have a strong motivation for people to subscribe.

35. noted that subscribe to your blog for free. It may seem strange, but many people actually “Subscribe” confused by the terminology. I wanted to know if there were any costs related to subscribe to my RSS feeds that people have received dozens of emails from the past year! To avoid any confusion, it is so that you can use instead of “subscribe to my RSS feed” of free to subscribe to your blog might be worth mentioning that the “Get our updates for free.”

36. Encourage the use of pop-ups to your newsletter subscription. Darren using pop-ups by more than 700% managed to increase its conversion rate. Sure, they are intrusive, but they act like nothing else. If you already have an established and loyal following by using this technique probably would not hurt your traffic. A recent survey we did.

37. The use of animated icons to draw attention to the RSS feed. Just because they attract people to move around and animated notification, to a much higher click-through rate. You can use the same technique with your RSS feed icon, and visitors can call attention to an animated GIF.

38. feed directories use. This technology is expected to receive hundreds of new customers, but not the ordinary bit, right? Some people think you have some free time, you can submit it’s all in order to subscribe to the new RSS feed directory to find and use content. Here is a list with about 20 feed directories.

39. encourage you to subscribe to e-mail the first time commentators. Commentators for the first time in a personal e-mail sent to a kind gesture, and many will thank you for that. Update your blog via the RSS feed, you may have to use this opportunity to remind you. It becomes less personal, though that can automate this process to relish the comment is plugged.

40. Make sure that the feed auto-discovery feature to work. Most modern browsers have RSS feeds if a legitimate website that tries to identify if there is an auto-discovery feature. If they do, a small RSS icon in the browser address bar to the right to be present. So when you visit your blog to see the icon, and right click on it to see if it will pop up the RSS feed to ensure you can. On WordPress header.php file you can edit this part.

41. Comments on the proposal feed. You can often engage in discussions on the comments section of your blog readers have an active community, you might want to consider a proposal RSS feed.

42. Feed the Planet category. Many of you have your blog, you can offer an RSS feed for each of them individually. This is not the whole blog and to subscribe to them are only certain things that visitors will be able to. At the same time this granularity could increase the overall number of RSS subscribers.

43. Run your feed periodic check. It is not uncommon to find broken blogs around the web RSS feed. Feed link is working, working, and it is a valid XML document to ensure that a click once on your own feed.

44. verify the e-mail client to retrieve. You do not have to confirm their subscription in the percentage of emails that the customer will not notice. Some just do not understand the process, lazy. This percentage can be as high as 30%, so you could end up losing too many would-be customers. Fortunately for you, verify the e-mail clients and can remind them about the problem. It works for some.

45. Leverage an existing blog or audience. If you already have a popular blog, newsletter, forums, Twitter and so on, then you can leverage that presence to get new customers. They already follow some of the places that you or the person you love your job, especially if you subscribe to the new blog will have a high probability.

46. Promote the use of cross-feed. RSS blog about something that has a similar customer base, and an agreement to promote the use of cross-feed propose bloggers. That is, you can promote your feed footer of the blog, and he’s on his feed footer to your blog.

47.Your “Subscribe” on page . Use testimonials. You’re probably right, how the product sales page on the Web to see testimonials? A personal recommendation from a third party goes a long way in convincing a prospect because ,. If this is the case, why not use testimonials to convince people to subscribe to your RSS feed?

48. Get friends to recommend their blogs and RSS feeds on your site. What the “Subscribe” page is stronger than a testimonial to his own blog or website, you are recommend. Pay attention to the message of many of its readers and scales to check what your blog will go on.

49.Ask people to subscribe to the not funny or something strange. People with a sense of humor, loves to blog. You can make them laugh, then you have subscribed to receive them half way. A few months ago I published a study of the RSS icon, and 3 days to acquire 300 new customers.

50.Subscribe to keep people updated. It started a long series. Long and structured series of posts not only traffic magnet, but the magnet RSS readers. If you are interested in a casual visitor that he is a subject that is expressed in a long series, and the series in order to not miss future posts Subscribe to worry about.

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