5 Vital Points to Check Optimized for Twitter Shares

Just look at these numbers: an average of 6,000 tweets per second on Twitter appear. The nearly 360,000 tweets per minute and 500 million tweets every day. Twitter is nothing more than the official figures.

Impressive, right? What’s even more impressive is the number just does not stop growing. For bloggers to get traffic from Twitter promotion and social media is a perfect tool.

But you can be sure that your blog posts to Twitter to share the truth is optimized by your readers? Tons of tips and advice on the internet and I saw you from my personal experience, are ready to submit your blog posts to Twitter audience have to check to make sure you’ve minus 5 vital points.

Here goes!

1. Title twitter friendly?

The title of your blog post is just “one of the most important part,” shares on social media, it is not the most important part of your content. Title and only the headline people will click through to check out whether your post or ignore it like they do with the thousands of other defined.

On average, 8 to 10 people will read your headline, but only 2 out of 10 ahread will go and read your content. It is vitally important that your headline caught hook your potential readers.

Now, thinking about Twitter in your headline performance.

Share your headline to other content, conversation, and will have to compete with hundreds of quotes. Your headline, another tweet this group, is the first and sometimes the only impression to your potential readers.

Considering the Twitter character limit, you (as small as possible, please do not but) need to be in effect as long as the title. Tweet, containing the URL of your URL’s, no matter how long, please limit to 117 characters. Plus it’s tweets Twitter users to add comments to their short leave some space is always beautiful.

Thus the maximum character count for your headline can be easily calculated:

140 (the maximum size of tweets) – 23 (URL reserved for) – 20 = 97 characters (add a short comment).

More than enough for a good headline.

2. Your content “Predictably popular” What?

Before you start crafting your blog posts that I tend to be popular Twitter topics and ideas, it is a little research to surrender. Post to twitter to find out what issues and ideas already and build on them.

The easiest way is to use the tool Ahrefs Content Explorer. Only relevant keywords or key phrases in the search box of tools to sort the list by the number of shares on Twitter, and explore the most popular content.

Now, I know that people love to share it on Twitter, you can come up with the same kind of content and it’s been predictably will be popular.

3. If you have set up the Twitter short card?

Tweet Twitter feed right to display a brief description of your blog, tweet gives a perfect opportunity. And that’s awesome! With the card you can click through a list of potential readers and entice them to give a complete description of your article.

Your brief will be able to click through thoroughly with Twitter audience. It should be clearly described in the following:

-What no one can find your post
-What is the advantage of reading it and
-Why would read it

And do not forget, as well as a compelling image.

There are different types of Twitter cards, and the way you manage them with manual coding and equipment, you can get a bunch. But definitely a must for a short card.

An easy way to add a short card Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress is one of the features to be used. All you have to do is plug in the settings of your Twitter handle and twitter cards to write the meta data in motion.

And that’s it. Yoast plugin now take your meta description and summary of your blog post card with the image of a feature, as it will be added.

4. What is Tweet your blog posts?

Tweet your blog posts is an ideal and most obvious way is to click the share button Twitter, but this is not the only way to be!

Tweetable your readers to share your blog posts with pictures and click-to-tweet your content, the more ways you can quote.

Shareable Images

Images for SumoMe shareholder Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook to share your pictures easily be a perfect tool for making. Per share and bringing more traffic from social networks will have a link back to your post.

Quotes Tweetable

Post your tweet and then another great way to engage your readers to click on your post tweets to Twitter traffic is used to coat fruit. Price alone is great for your content. Text beakers they are masters, they can add authority to your content. They also contribute a lot to your story-telling.

If you move a huge step forward, and you can tweetable quotes. “Quote:” I can only repeat what someone else thought of that statement or not. It is your own sound bites, can represent and promote your posts to Twitter a sum up your post, or any test that may be.

The idea is similar to the image of tweetable: every tweet, will link to your post, your tweetable quotes evolved from a one-click. Another way for your readers to share your posts to Twitter to give your content, smart, interesting, useful, and on a couple of intriguing tweetable quotes.

Your blog is powered by WordPress, you can use TweetDis called a cool plugin. With it you’ll be able to tweet your readers at ease with your coat, you will be able to create awesome-looking statements boxes.

It can tweetable your picture as well.

5. Sharing button in the right place?

When I started to write this post, I’m not even on my list did not think with such an obvious point. But recently I stumbled upon a blog post. The content was really horrible and I was willing to tweet it immediately.

However, I find the Share button was spent like 7-8 seconds! It is a very short timespan, but it does not seem to be for online content. I firmly believe that hundreds of people were not so patient.

Coschedule, one of their blog posts, social share buttons placed at the top or left of the body of your content is recommended.

I have a bunch of readers to your blog is already very popular and you usually share your post without even reading them, when placed on the share button and you better believe that. So I left “floating” share button you have to say.

If you are using WordPress to your site, you can use an e plugin. Although you can get quite a few other tools. You can also try to plug Shareaholic-. It will add sharing buttons to your post-awesome-looking.

Your hand

5 essential point of this article in your blog post every time a new test, you can be sure it is optimized for query shares. Now all you have to do is to give away the content of the share price that is truly awesome. Pinpoint, right?

Maybe you disagree or do any of these things? They have all of the comments! And do not forget to share this post!

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