17 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for Your Website

Guerrilla Marketing unconventional marketing strategies, especially those who are low-cost or no-cost is a term used to describe.

Key tips for promoting a website that you’ve heard, but this article is to make sure you have some new ideas. Some, crazy is a farce, clever (I’m wondering whether to laugh, I probably am!). I seventeen unconventional ideas that you think differently about how to promote your website.

Guerrilla Marketing for Website Owners

1. t-shirt market. It is made with your website’s logo and URL to get a T-shirt. T-shirts on offer as well as a competition prize. T-shirt looks good, wear it and if the winner is a walking billboard for your blog will act as. (There are plenty of websites that do this, though, you can get a T-shirt made in CustomInk.com).

2. The bumper sticker for all. For readers who want a bumper sticker to your web site mail. The envelope of a busy street price is not much to pay for advertising. (If you made custom stickers Kinko’s or get your local equivalent).

3. Post some bills. The noticeboard in your work or school to apply a poster about your website. Before you try this one, you probably want to wait until no one is around.

4. Browser trick. Your local library, Internet cafe or go to the computer room and the computer, you can easily set your website as the default browser homepage. When it comes to dealing with Irritable librarians, however, be able to help you.

5. Open a free country. The link back to your website and encourage sharing. The good is, then it might go viral and drive traffic back to you.

6. Go to the beach and sand enter the address of your website (especially the rising tide out of the way, and can be seen by passing airplanes enough.)

7. The owner of the thing you can not do without in order to win a contest and shipment. Instead of the CD on eBay etc., furniture, art, video games of the auction, why not use them to create your website?

8.The blank with your website’s URL on their business cards that carry up to conversation on your website whenever you can hand out a card – or whenever you bring it up.

9. a visible part of your body to get a tattoo on your website URL. Warning: The No-www to win the future, this may look a little dated. Fear of the needle? A temporary tattoo or permanent marker would do the trick. Better yet, they recommended when asleep, someone else painted on the URL.

10. Run a contest and the prize you’ll perform a service. This marketing consulting, graphic design, is a guest post, or your own personal skills to take advantage of other services that may be.

11. webmasters
and bloggers in your area to organize a meet-up and use it as an opportunity to network.

12. vacation hot spots in niche fliers for your web site. For example: a book out of a library for review on the web site of the Faculty of Economics at your local university or fliers out fliers for a personal finance website.

13. Participate in forums related to your niche. Through your forum signature drive traffic back to your website.

14. Run a contest to win advertising space on your site. But for others, this is still valuable for you, you can use your website to market any other cost award.

15. Take out an ad in your local newspaper. They are often quite cheap and can have a circulation of local papers.

16. You can use the signature to each e-mail account to add your website URL. Or, if appropriate, add a funny comment, citing public attention.

17. Wear your URL.
It is a custom to your URL- hat, T-shirt or to Hoodie. It is bound to be a conversation starter.

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