The 3 Steps to Setting Up a Popular and Successful Blog

There are hundreds of different sources, or the path to a successful blog is, but the way there are some basic things that will always remain the same. (- Basic and well-written content is often one repetition), which is a necessary factor, but not the only factor I have read a lot of it on the blog, so I’m sure. Keep it simple, I have broken down in three easy steps. This post was originally created for WordPress-based blog, but also can be applied to other websites.
And get traffic to your blog is popular

Blogging my 10+ years, I have been let down by any of these three factors that make up the basic recipe for successful blogs have realized that only 3 factors

Content (regular post Content)
SEO (search engine optimization)
Design (look and structure of the blog)

Good content for your blog, mainly leading auto SEO, links to your posts that repeatedly comes back to your blog and to build up a regular audience. A Yes, they are supposed to do their evil pandas and penguins that make up the Google also likes good content but do not forget that once in a while. People of good content on your blog, bookmark some part of their comeback.

SEO need to advertise to get noticed, it is like any good product. If you do not do SEO for your blog, you blog every day are vying for the attention of every person will be found on the Internet that is unlikely. This work could make it easier for you to create Word Press SEO.

The design is pretty much an idea that needs no explanation. (- Not an ugly chick like a blog), and people will come back and it will seem as if they show any changes you have seen on TV, then you do something good, look, I’m trying to get into it. Design your blog colors, your blog has a structure and overall look of your blog. If you are successful blog is the goal of a light color (or white) theme.

So now you need to apply these 3 steps to your blog or website, that’s why a good idea, I like how it will show you the easy way and the hard way to work.

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The content of the most time consuming step 3, just because these three steps to get your blog popular may be the hardest part. To make this part of her always passionate about and want to write about your topic or niche that is recommended to have a blog. SEO blog post before I do my research on the subject and content is good, because I’m still in my niche and get decent traffic. Get Windows Live Writer for blogging and Windows live writer and finish to save your niche content that interests you, and if you get time to post it. Post your blog on a regular basis is one way to keep the flow of at least four write articles for your blog, and (at least for a month, which takes care of 4) is ready to hold the post and then when you get into them, and the articles that interest you and you Only in the middle of the 4 posts to your blog as a bonus to add to blog about. Depending on how frequently you want to update your blog post this number can vary to suit himself. These are some simple but effective way is always short on time or part-time bloggers like me just for people who are given below, the hard way.

Easy ways to get content for your blog

The blog content you get from other people, this can be provided and free two ways:

Free content – free content easy way to get the people you (keep it relevant) niche topic blog posts for your blog is to get guests. This is easier on your blog, people will be able to feed your high Google ranking when it has a high Google rank.

Google Panda and Penguin updates nowadays also, which is more than the fee for your blog post (with links to the content) SEO company will offer to many. They offered free content and you get paid as well, because this sort of offer is the best.

The hard way and the way to get content for your blog

For blogs, content is provided for – on the way to freelance content writing services that can be offered for a fee to use, with a bit of work, mainly by trial and error until you get the right people involved. Are you writing for as low as $ 5 an article to an article, but hit a bit of a grammatical error and without good content for $ 5 a person who could write it out until you find the right person and you miss that. I do not write my own article, so I do it for $ 5, and it is one of the best you can come up with well-written content, so if you can take the time to write a well written article.

The author of the article, you can blog websites
There are (,, to provide this service, which is plenty more on the website but I have not done any business with this site on the people of this $ 1 to $ 25 an article from an article You can charge the website, but if you write good articles or anywhere between $ 2 to $ 10 for an article, you can get a bad grammar article. Earn a decent amount of income on your blog, then this technique and attention to SEO and some tweaking that needs to free up your time to focus on the other side of the blog is worth considering.

When you compare the three aspects mentioned must be well-written content, because people come back to your blog, and you get a link to your blog, the more natural, the content of a blog is one of the most important aspects of the faith and as a result of getting more traffic. Beginner bloggers often overlook the importance of this factor, and the contrary there is a lot of work to be done to fix this.


Is an acronym for search engine optimization. When a website or blog is optimized for search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo ranked high in the search engines is to use the tools and methods. Today’s definition of SEO SEO for a quick easy way to get your blog, SEO is activated or a specific SEO function is only now that will help you a little bit of a theme. SEO has been added, which is a theme to Google SEO, no thanks to the regular updates, changes. Other measures that are being taken as a growing factor in the quality of your SEO on Facebook, Twitter and steadfast + better on the popular social website popularity.

Get links from authority sites – Quick SEO is a good strategy for you to improve and traffic is one thing to focus your energy. More traffic to your website highly ranked in search engine results is that a website, SEOJOURNAL, DAILYBLOG tips and reputed SEO blogs like Google and Bing Webmaster Tools blog SEO by reading what’s going on in the area are also up-to-date with SEO for your blog to be a better way. You have a Google Account, a Google Webmaster Tools account or a new account, a Bing Webmaster also help to keep you in good stead and if everything is working as it should be accurate and not only will help you keep a watch on the site.


Design, look good, feel good factor, but if the content is more, as well as bring more people back to your blog is not only to help. The same goes for the small amounts of a blog?, Does not like to be associated with a good looking person. More clients and visitors to a website that looks professional and neat it would be to attract. SEO for them to work more effectively both need to design a nice looking website. Clean and friendly to customers and clients do not appear to be put off by it if a website

Other important factors that are often neglected in the design and structure of a simple navigation. Your blog visitors to your blog, you should not get frustrated trying to find something. Under the appropriate headings in a well laid out, with links to sub-optimal locations placed in the top navigation bar button, a search button on your blog and social reasons, a good user experience, as well as likeability will improve your blog.

Contrary to some beliefs, the lack of traffic may be responsible for the design of your blog. As mentioned above, a blog designed for new freelance sites thanks to the pile by being cheap. Due to the cheap prices, the theme of the website is also an affordable price, making it more affordable to Word Press themes have started to reduce their prices.

Good design is not only about the aesthetics of the blog. People used to browse your website that shows how all of the different web browsers influence. The only safe way to make your website in all browsers, all of them are compatible with your site. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera – the browser on your website, or at least at a minimum, each of them the most popular and how they look, and they should be tested against render.

Your visitors navigate your blog and they’ve defeated the purpose of your own, what you want to find out if it’s difficult, “No matter how great your blog looks. Great design and usability in a good marriage of form and function.”

Your blog will become popular overnight, I can say that this conclusion is no magic fix, you will need to focus on some of the educated and successful in a few things, “I especially recommend the starters to learn about blogging for content marketing, social search engine is likely to Media Works, and copywriting ,.

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