12 Ways To Encourage Your Visitors to Stay

All the more traffic, the more loyal readers, and more to sell. what I know. For most of us on our blog, we only work of art in our precious stone chisels. We do not want our work to go unnoticed and krasaplyatapharama as well as the slave of our website. I know exactly how you feel and why I’ve put together 12 ways to make your visitors stay.

1. easy navigation of your website- If you are a community, your readers and increase loyalty and friendliness to improve the usability of your website, or if you’re looking to build these tips will help you to achieve your goal.

You should focus on the most important element of your website and your password on the display and the rest of the extraction .
It is very confusing to the viewer and can be annoying.

Your navigation of your site, and how to navigate them, do not give clear guidance.

2. Select an engaging color scheme –
is noteworthy that your website should have two or three basic colors.

Aside from the different sections of the audience to view the content of your website and you want to allow your content to break

However, do not overdo it. It can tempt them to stay in as many colors as you can quickly turn visitors away.

3. Break up the content and add personality to the image – the image of people say there are ways that words can not.

And your use of the pictures to convey the emotions of the audience.

4. Highlight the header of your website (logo) and the tagline-This is one of the first things a visitor sees on your site and your site can make professional or glued together and are prevented.

Your headline and tagline should be clear and clearly show what your website is about.

5. Call for more work –
a call to action simple and often only one sentence long.

Comments posted to your Twitter or ask them to take some action.

If you do decide to take action, why not get them to practice.

In fact, do not forget to comment at the end of this post 🙂

6. strong, mentally making headlines – other than your post, your headline is very important picture.

Do not get the title of your post, then no more attention to the readers are not likely to click on the icons to read a little.

In fact, perhaps all together they will ignore your posts.

7. easy readability – perfect in the sense that you can make your content even though it does not mean it gets to your reader.

Most readers the information they are looking for easy to read, very memorable, and want to be a piece of cake.

8. At the end of your post to offer more – What is your post, it was absolutely amazing?

In a related post section, a request for a call to action or comment you want to add?

If you want people to do what they want them to stay involved, or they’ll find somewhere else.

9. Sub-headings to break up your content – like most readers skim the content. I know, and I bet you’ve done it too.

Or more on a long post to the big, bold, or with different colored sub-headings to break up your content.

Skimmers and loyal audience to please you, and will probably return traffic.

10. Change your content or to change your audience – even in your content, may be reminiscent of the great, but if your audience can not read it, then your audience, you may need to change or modify your content.

They are already a million times by everyone else to hear your content, you do not want to learn as much as listening to it and teach it to an audience.

Fresh and new content to your existing audience or create.

Students do not know as much as their teacher, the teacher of students.

If they did, then we’d have.

You can turn brings me to my next tip, which is to build relationships with a fresh mind to find out.

11. Create a monthly questionnaire post – you do not know it all? I (do not know kidding ?

Every month or so, writing a post and will do wonders for your blog or business, ask your audience what is most important to them.

It is almost as if you can get a first-hand.

They are the most help, and what they need to do what you can do better in their mind about what to ask for their comments.

It will help you uncover issues, and the idea that you’ve never thought, “Sure!”

12. Build relationships with colleagues –
a list of all the bloggers we love, but additional insights, followers, and a great way for contributors to receive the same level as building relationships with people who have.

It allows you to extend your reach to get your name in the blogosphere, and can be known.

The best thing about the theory of evolution with those who share your niche to get you motivated.

It reshape your thinking and help you reach success in helping to build the new policy.

If these tips have helped you, and contribute your own tips in the comments section.

I only help me improve, but also to help those who can not read your comment that I’m sure.

This post is just as important to your participation! Thanks again and have a great week

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