5 Quick Actions that Will Yield a Massive ROI from Your Blog

Blogs falling in an empty forest,” a recent piece on the blog of The New York Times estimated that approximately 95% are eventually abandoned; Very little is known about the large majority of blogs fail, when we adjusted, the top earning bloggers, six and seven figures, outliers celebrate earning more.

If you’re struggling with your blog, do not despair. The following quick action that will help you get things done, and they will guarantee a better ROI from your blogging efforts:

1. to improve the speed of your website

You can slow the website of the US economy billions of dollars each year to know what the cost, and that up to 7% loss in conversions, a 1 second delay in loading speed of the result?

As bloggers, we easily end up in traffic while we ignore our blog SEO, social media optimization, affecting more than a good thing; Whether your goal is to sell products on your blog, people show an interest in your services or quick conversions are always guaranteed to improve the website, you can sign up for the newsletter.

Most blogs use WordPress CMS # 1, and is designed from the ground up to be fast and lightweight. However, many bloggers fail to reap the benefits of using WordPress to blog quite convoluted, and this is often because of breaking some of the rules that affect the speed of the website. If you’re using WordPress, here are some tips for you:

**Get a good host; Your web host sucks, you can make your website very little to be really fast. A poor web host I’ve had literally half of my traffic; Nothing worked until I changed the host.
**Short plugin; WordPress plugin is invaluable, and we often feature on our blog with WordPress a lot, but you want to have, more is not better. If you have installed your blog plugins fewer, the better. A WordPress plugin is absolutely essential if you do not, do not install it.
**Install a caching plugin; WP Super Cache plugin is a great plugin to use for caching.
**Using a CDN; Free CloudFlare CDN service offered by a good start for most bloggers.

2. Schedule a regular and continuous content development

For years now, various studies on a regular and continuous content to stay on schedule blogging schedule a one-off show that will bring better results than have been published.

Some top bloggers blogging schedule when you want to stay and will only reveal the contents of the oath in the name of power, when in reality it is impractical for most people their advice; Or you can e-mail any time you tens of thousands of people have an email list of easy to survive without a content schedule. This is unrealistic for most beginners.

Published by HubSpot research, business analysis to 13,500, less than 4 months 16+ monthly trades blog post blog post 3.5 times more than that of businesses that get traffic, and 16+ blog post monthly trade to 4.5 times higher than that found in the monthly 4 article leads to more business.

Indeed, some talent bloggers publishing articles and there are 1 to 3 months, but that will be completely suck the life out of your blog; You can not afford to do it. Instead, stick to you, and you can watch the explosive growth of blogs that experience to develop a regular schedule of content. More is better, and the data is on your side.

3. Create a resource article

There you can create a blog post that there are hundreds of different types, but when you’re looking to get the ROI you need to create a wealth of articles.

My blog, my blog is a wealth of articles, I years ago repeatedly come out on top in the list of the most popular content every year. I express my blog has more than 10,000% on average for every asset in the article.

They focus on providing solutions to people because they want to in the article, giving them tips and articles on the resource, as opposed to asking them to look for a solution, work.

Trying to attend college in the US News list is probably your best college’ve come across? A resource that article. To submit a guest post for the blog, or maybe you’re trying to view the list of guest blog posts come across? There are articles in their wealth. You should aspire to create the same kind; Your readers to solve a big problem, and that they will have to bookmark and come back again, so many things, and that leads them to share your content with their friends in a list. Articles resources to do just that, and put them in a permanent increase in traffic to your blog will guarantee.

4. Set up an autoresponder series

For a long time I really know, or who was surprised when I emailed them to build an email list of subscribers who do not. The reason for this was that I emailed them only once in a while, and I downloaded the freebie, most of them had forgotten about me. I solved this problem by setting up an autoresponder series.

By setting up an autoresponder series, I can kill two birds with one stone;

**I know and I believe a relationship with them and getting them, were able to follow up with customers on a consistent basis
**I was able to drive to traffic to my blog on a consistent basis

Your autoresponder series will be complicated; I have included links to my blog, the content is good, that what is relevant for people to sign up, and occasionally include a link to my products. The results have been impressive, and customers regularly send information about them to come up and thank me for them on a regular basis.

5. Create a service page

Most bloggers is a major struggle with income; Most people start a blog to make money, and the only way to build an audience and they do this by selling ads on their blogs that estimate. Unfortunately, this is the least effective way to do this.

You do not have hundreds of thousands of people reading your blog, you probably display ads alone will not be able to generate a sustainable living.

I’ve found a solution, regardless of the size of your blog, a Freelancer or offer your services as a consultant is to be fast and reliable; You do not have to create a product, because this is quick and simple, and with a single client, you can spend thousands of dollars, since it is significantly more income guarantees immediately.

To inquire about your services designed to get clients to start by creating a page. Here are some tips:

**Use a benefit-driven title page of your service; Your headline can help you achieve the results you want your clients to communicate
**What can you give customers a list of services that are relevant to each other
**You can make it easy for potential clients to decide whether to list Explain to the service; This will ensure no one reaches out to potential clients will only be confused.
**It’s simple, in order to reach out to your potential clients, a contact form, and includes several other communications options

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