25 Incredible Skins, Resources & Tools for the Gmail Power User

Gmail everyday Web users and tech-heads alike unanimously loved by one of those rare things. Unlimited possibility. It is on the web in the central nervous system can be anything from a simple e-mail client. How far you take it is up to you.

Every day is a new hack for using Gmail, tool or tip is manufactured. In this post, I am only too well, from the hundreds of hand-picked to highlight. This means that you will not look again at the bookmark and not another resource list. These tips, Monster will change the resources and tools you use Gmail.

Best Gmail Skins

1. Super Clean the skin – perhaps the most popular Gmail leather, super clean with a minimalist white and blue versions to replace the standard interface. Perfect for budding Zen-master.

2. Air skin – clean lines, adding a cloudy color combo, visual interface and basic font changes as subtle changes. Without any fundamental change in the perfect solution for users looking for a fresh look.

3. Mac leather – Gmail is a Mac-inspired skin to match the Mac you’re checking your mail! A Mac-style menu in your Gmail account, and adds color-scheme.

4. Fe Mail skin – a well-crafted and very pink skin Gmail.

5. Gmail Dark skin – almost the complete opposite of the last link, the skin of the head gonna Gmail users.

6. SilverStar skin – a popular minimalist gray theme.

7. Scrub skin – thrown into the mix with a gray and maroon theme nifty gradients.

Best Gmail Resources

8. Gmail Shortcuts Cheat Sheet – useful shortcuts for Gmail is a comprehensive printable Cheat sheet. Print it and stick it on your desk: this is worth memorizing shortcuts. If you’ve composed to send email ‘Tab’ and ‘Enter’ to press?

9. Gmail frenzy: 40+ Tools for Gmail hack – essential Firefox extensions, Greasemonkey scripts, desktop applications, web tools, tips and hacks to post frequent updates from MakeUseOf integrated.

10. 55 Tips to Gmail – Gmail tips on this website dedicated to providing information. It covers everything except chat Hotmail import contacts from the search results.

11. Hack Attack: Become a master of Gmail – Lifehacker pretty easy to follow guide to the most powerful capabilities in a way that Gmail’s launch. It is known only to the next level with Gmail’s basic functions will help to anyone.

12. Gmail e-mail accounts as Universal use – keep track got a lot of email addresses? And forward them to Gmail, all your incoming e-mail address from a central location.

13. The Ultimate Collection Gmail Over 80 tools and tips – critical extension for Gmail users, scripts, applications, notification systems, how the TOS and a giant list of shortcuts.

14. Turn your Gmail into a nerve center – the influential technology blogger Steve Rubel, along with its essential life hack Gmail shares:

**How to turn Gmail into a comprehensive personal database
**Get real-time news updates on how to Gmail
**How to Gmail automatically saves your bookmarks
**Gmail, Calendar and ToDo how to manage
**How to blog from Gmail

15. 1 Awesome Gmail did not know about the advice. Seriously. – In this simple tutorial, you can serve different purposes that explains how to customize your Gmail address.

16. Gmail Toolbox: 60+ Tools for Gmail – Mashable.com Gmail tool works its magic with a huge compendium. It’s something you know (before) in addition to the undiscovered gems of love are all extensions.

Work or school Gmail when it blocked access to the 17 – Engtech, even when you use it anywhere you can check your Gmail Department offers five strategies you do not want to.

18. spam messages Read Mark– this simple hack your unread spam filter allows you to prevent showing Count the display. Best of all, it’s still the wrong thing will warn you that have been marked as spam.

19. Gmail Tips and Tricks: Monster Roundup – his favorite Gmail popularity, Lifehacker’s biggest roundup of hacks and articles.

Best Gmail Tools

20. Gmail Drive – This tool can be accessed via the Windows Explorer, which adds a new drive to your computer, use Gmail’s extensive storage capacity. You can create folders and drag and drop files to the drive. If you’ve got unused space in your Gmail account, why not add some space on your hard drive?

21. Inbox GTD – Entertainment e-mail solution for nuts, with GTD Gmail inbox “Getting Things Done” is a Firefox extension designed to merge entertainment system. Set and manage tasks or to-dos that you can use Gmail transforms into an entertainment hub. The interface is very delicate and you know it will not interrupt the look and feel of your Gmail.

22. Better Gmail 2 – by Gina Trapani simple and elegant composition of this Firefox extension, Mailto links in Gmail composition and as a useful view of your storage quota, you’ll be able to cover the ever-annoying spam Count, developed the core functionality of Gmail makes graph . If you’re still using an older version of Gmail, you’ll need to download the Better Gmail extension.

23. Gmail Music – This nifty little web-based GUI application that you save the MP3 file to your Gmail account and you can play them on any computer.

24. Dragdropupload – away from the annoying ‘browse’ interface is a Firefox extension. It’s quick and painless process that can drag and drop email attachments.

25. Gmail skins – customize the color of your Gmail inbox is a Firefox extension.

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