Nokia Ovi App Store is Now Ready to Battle iPhone App Store

Finally, after several months of testing, Nokia has finally opened its Ovi Store. A and we are very successful in this online application store direct competitor to the iPhone Apps store will not tell you that. Question, it’s Apple’s iPhone? Like the iPhone Apps Store App Store, Nokia Ovi Store room (or house) is supported by Symbian have what it takes to beat both free and paid apps. Currently, Nokia and Nokia Ovi Store can be accessed by the use of Nokia mobile handsets around the 50 listed. If we consider the user base of the Nokia phones, Nokia You do not seem to be a problem at all. But then, Symbian from Nokia’s Ovi Store Apps various private sources, especially the ones who are in the mobile application may hesitate to get their Apps are readily available to users of Nokia phones are supported.

But the loyal Nokia fans who have published apps for Nokia, Ovi Store will be a great service. The only free download for all Nokia Symbian phone users to purchase paid apps, you can easily 1 billion app download Nokia’s iPhone Apps Store which was recently acquired by the credit can not exceed.

To do this, Nokia Ovi Store will be visiting that users should be prepared with the influx. Unfortunately several reports that some users can not access the site is still not ready to believe that. This is the beauty of Apple’s iPhone Apps Store. ITunes desktop application in a seamless interface to the application server integrates well with the iPhone.
Going back to the question, Nokia Ovi Store on the iPhone App Store can overcome? An answer is a resounding no. Mobile phone sales and customs can beat the iPhone, but Nokia’s Ovi Store, it does not have what it takes to beat the iPhone App Store.

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