Barnes & Nobles Challenges Amazon’s Kindle Store

I was closely related to their eBookstore Barnes & Nobles online buzz generated by the announcement’re watching. I first read about it, I never thought that it would have made a huge noise. But did it. And of course because it is being touted as the Amazon’s biggest competitor is. For one thing, the B & N Barnes & Nobles market.So what the market has to offer, the traditional book publishing / distribution is one of the major players? There are actually quite a few, including the following:

**$ 9.99 per title for 700,000 titles, including new titles and bestsellers access

**Can be downloaded for free from Google a half a million public domain books, more

**An iPhone, a BlackBerry, Windows and Macdesktops or laptop applications, including the new Barnes & Noble eBookstore, which supports both wireless and wired access to a its eReader app, an upgraded version of

**Titles such as Merriam-Webster’s Pocket Dictionary of ASA, Sense and Sensibility, a little woman, Mohicans latest, a Pride and Prejudice, Anda of Dracula OFA, including a free download,

**Partnership with Plastic Logic, is set to launch in 2015, which the makers of eReader devices – is being touted as the two rivals

**Now Appleâ € ™ s # 1 downloaded book app in the App Store on iPhone and iPod Touch is free for users, full-featured B & N Bookstore app,

Looks interesting, right? Plastic Logic will close with the Barnes & Nobles killer. Plastic Logic’s eReader devices Once it comes out, then there is something to think about Islam. Islam is an iPhone / iPod Touch app, so they are covered in this niche.

In the meantime, you can check out Barnes & Nobles eBookstore and it has the right to challenge Amazon’s eBookstore business for yourself whether you want to see. Quite frankly, the service actually is.

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