Top 5 Virtual Aquarium Games in Facebook

The virtual aquarium of fish, according to Inside Social Games on Facebook continues to surge. In these games you are a Facebook? Have you even looked into it at some point? In case you’re curious, like me, to look at the Facebook virtual aquarium game and see how many Facebook members to use them.


Following the highly successful Mafia Wars and Zynga’s latest Facebook game Farm Ville, Fishville slowly but surely being two of the most popular in the levels. It’s Farm Ville de facto for fish lovers. The main objective is to raise cute baby fish, feed them, grow them and decorate your fish tank is of course friends.

Happy Aquarium
Same with the main objective of Happy Aquarium Fish Ville, baby fish feed and feed them to see them swim. The game also lets you decorate your aquarium clean, and yes, it is a bounce in your Facebook profile as well. (27,711,859 monthly active users) Facebook link.

Fish Man

, Decorate, create your own fish farm and you get to socialize with friends, or just fish fishin Man. (670,536 monthly active users) Facebook link.

Fish life

Guess what? This game also allows you to create your own virtual fish aquarium fish to raise and sell. Of course you can decorate your aquarium with all those virtual Bling blings. (2,086,784 monthly active users) Facebook link.

Fish Town
Another your own aquarium, feed them and play with your Facebook friends on the type of fish to brag about it. A (569,345 monthly active users) Facebook link

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