How Many Friends are You Allowed to Have on Facebook?

The last time I checked, I only got 73 friends on Facebook. And 75% of them have the “active network” is categorized as could. If you are like me, I’m just as we have many Facebook friends are allowed, right now, then you will be asked, are the ones that are not Facebook friends, then? Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg is a government attempt to answer that question in a blog post at the Facebook blog. But the question before he answered a question related to somehow, which is more important to first explain the concept. This Sandberg of Facebook users, which is described as “active network” are:

If you stay up to date on your active network of all the people to whom. What is your active networks from other networks in a variety of ways to communicate with the people it serves.

In short, if one of your Facebook friends Facebook. not in direct contact with them, even if your Facebook “active network” can belong

Now, these questions have to do with -. “How many Facebook friends we are allowed to have” Actually, Ms. Sandberg is not a final answer. A and this is really a guideline that we are allowed to have Facebook. admitting how many friends you have yet to close

Ms. Sandberg to a question about the “active network”, explained the reason for our leadership. You can have as many friends as you like on Facebook, but the most important thing is to communicate with their friends, whether actively or indirectly.

You can do better “actively” networking, socializing and having friends is not so much Facebook is networking with them?

Personally, I would rather have 10 Facebook friends whom I meet and exchange views with that response, and more than half of them not knowing who I want to communicate with friends instead of 75.

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