Facebook Allows PayPal Payment for Ads

You can get from the news that there is an important point, it’s got to be that Facebook wants you to advertise on social networks. And it’s easy for you, Facebook is now accept payments via PayPal for that.

PayPal as a form of active, you can now run your advertising campaigns and through the planet’s most famous and widely used social networking sites to get wide visibility. Facebook spokesperson told the site, 70% of whom live outside the United States and 400 million people, reaches. You can be your advertising campaign audience can imagine how big?

You can export and import supplies that are running a small business, then here is your chance to expand your market.

In addition to accept PayPal payments for advertising, Facebook games and apps, as well as for the purchase of items from the Facebook Gift Shop that ca be used for doing the same as a payment option for Facebook Credits.

A â € ¢ Ã ¢ â € œWe offer our services across Facebook, as well as advertisers and developers, a fast and trusted way to use those people want to ?? Dan Levy, payment operations, Facebook director.

PayPal’s VP of platform and emerging technology, and this development is all about sums up:

à ¢ â € œPut only PayPalâ € ™ s business is payments. We send clients and â € ¢ A, 24 currencies and 190 markets around the world to make it easier to receive money online ?? Osama Bedier said.

So if you still do not have a Paypal account, create one now is the right time to go ahead with plans to advertise on Facebook.

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