6 Practical Apps to Have On Your Smartphone

According to the survey research organization in 2015, 90% of Americans own a cell phone, 85% and 50% of it is a central part of their daily lives using the apps to download. They are seeking applications for a communication software “can not do without”, so that useful information and a host of other services. The downside is that the application is made at a dizzying pace, leading to confusion about what we need to install and uninstall the application suffered from overload, either.

As a general guide, the apps do you have on your phone. This piece was written in the tip of the iceberg, and more applications are being developed. Thus it is that people have different lifestyles, different applications for specific needs, though without saying.


It is an IM app for your smartphone is packed with features like integrated mapping, if not excess, group chat up to 50 people, and send images, video and audio messages, and you get the settings. If you’ve read their message of new features to the sender know that you do not want a “read receipt” Voice calling will be disabled. Better yet, you will not have to pay for SMS. WhatsApp You pay $ 0.99 per year, for one year, after which there is a free trial.

Avast Mobile Security

A free security app for Android users, Avast Mobile Security Wi-Fi-based threats, including phishing and the theft or loss of malware, spyware, protects your phone against. It scans for and removes viruses, Apps is to manage and firewall protection. Through its web-based phone locator can locate your lost or stolen device; Remote lock and wipe features for data protection in case of theft has memory.


Dropbox If you already have on your PC, especially if the file sharing and sync the mobile cloud storage applications is essential. Documents, spreadsheets, music, video – and you can share all of this with Dropbox on your mobile. It’s free, but paid subscriptions are also available.


In August 2014, is available for iOS and Android devices, as they currently are located in the area of local search mobile application lets users search within the organization. Restaurants, bars and other shops and places are shown and it has a search feature for remote sites. Depending on the time of day, for example, where you have breakfast or dinner shows recommendations from other users.


Windows Snapseed, a photo editing application for iPhone and Android phones. It’s advanced sizing, cropping, rotating, and apart from basic image has seven filters. In this photo frame, textures, lighting effects and included grunge. Compared to Instagram, it is more advanced and is well-suited for creative editing.


People Vehicles and their drivers looking for a ride in the product that connects a mobile transport applications. The app is a location, provides customers with a car and the car will send you all kinds of products for customers to choose. Customers will be able to track the vehicle’s location and the customer’s credit card payments are charged. Products from 53 countries and over 200 cities.

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